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"One in every six Americans lived below the official U.S poverty line when Kira Pollack, Director of Photograpy at TIME Magazine, commissioned me to capture the growing crisis. During thirty-six days spread over the seven months in 2011, and mostly accompanied by reporter Natasha del Toro, I traveled through New York, California, Louisiana, South Dakota and Georgia, visiting places that according to census data have the highest poverty rate. The myth of the American Dream is very strong in the U.S, and it seems people are disillusioned with the fact that it is so difficult to get by today. They said there is no American Dream anymore. This, they said, was the American Reality." - Joakim Eskildsen
@yinofyang I did not see your comment up till now :/ What was your favorite comedian who did talk about that ? I really like those kind of comedians, :) Laugh in their own pain :)
@Tapsamai It's nice because you understand also. Yep, you can definitely have a better life in America if you work hard enough at attaining it. (^_^) Yep, I have heard similar things myself. One of my favorite comedians talked a lot about it.
@yinofyang My uncle cam to US in the 80s, and he also came from the war-torn background. He did achieve exactly America Dream and America value that the Myth of American about. If you work hard, you would achieve the better thing in society. That is one of the value of America. However, some scholars argue that American Dream does not exist anymore. It is only before the 70s period :)
@alise Actually there is few book writing about The Myth of America, I did read it for my journalist class. You can check it out from amazon. The myth of America include many things, such as the exceptionalism, that US was the god chosen to build America. And what you mentioned was also true :)
This is a beautiful portfolio. As for the American Dream...I suppose that comes from what's expected. Some people seem to think that if you can get here, you'll have it all, the riches and luxury. That's not realistic and I never really paid attention to that. Yep, there is definitely poverty and unemployment here, but that's not a surprise. To me, despite what problems may exist in the United States, I am glad to be here. My entire family comes from a war-torn background and being here is paradise for us.
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