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What Would You Do?
He is new and sits next to u in class nd everybody is saying thats hes bad news wwyd? Be the suga to the kookie -Belen
Let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged? what would you Kookies do? @terenailyn@ZinZin123@MelissaGarza@DestinaByrd@daljiyong@merryjayne13@LenaBlackRose@funfunbunbum@Maddie27@a514girl98@DustanCarpenter@CristinReynolds@TiffanyBibian@jojojordy2324@externallyeli@Jaiipanda@mrsdarkmiracle
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I probably wouldn't try to be friends with him, but I wouldn't be doing so because of his rep, I'm just not social or friendly. If we had to pair up for something, I would definitely pair up and be chill. Can't judge someone based on rumor.
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I'm awkward af (especially around cute guys) so I'd probably just sit there and not say anything to him for a bit. Then I would ask him if he liked sports and probably talk about soccer with him.
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I would be curious ad to why people say his bad news you know? so I'll try to approach him and become friends. Even if people say bad stuff about him I have to prove it on my own 馃槄 I would be shy at first but then get the courage to talk you him, curiosity kills me 馃槀
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I would talk to him even if he is known as bad news. we can't judge a book by its cover. I know I would be shy to talk at first but if I don't talk who is going to start the conversation am I right? :)
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nothing, I'll just keep going on with my regular day. I might feel a little intimidated, but I'll get over it
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