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Does what it says on the tin.

We could have a thoughtful conversation about comic book art and why some artists draw the way they do. Actually, we did. This card is not like that card. That was a card for insightful discussion and an exchange of ideas. This card is just about butts.

These butts are all impossible. Do not try this at home.

I think she might have twerked him to death.

That is the only explanation I can think of for why Huntress has chosen to put her booty in his face.

That's not a booty that's a double rainbow.

Or perhaps something inflatable? Is that why she's all twisted around? If so, that grumpy face she's making is pretty relatable.

The dudes aren't immune either.

So here's to the gentleman butts of comics. I can feel Lucille judging me so hard right now.

Someone save us from the impossible butts.

Are they some kind of strange alien race attaching themselves to our posteriors like leeches? Are they sapping our strength through our soft bottoms? WHO WILL RISE UP AND SAVE US.
deadpool was the right picture to end with
Oh I won't. To be honest you should be more worried about me getting a little moony (Moody) @shannonl5 馃榿馃榿
@buddyesd a tragedy from start to finish @jevonlowery lol that's what I'm here for :D
well this was by far the most interesting thing I got to read so far today.... and here I thought Mondays were boring thanks @shannonl5 馃樄
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