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Straight male/female friendships can sometimes be messy sometimes. Platonic friends, friends with benefits, attracted to one friend while the other isn't. There are a lot of things that can blur the line.
But socially, it's totally OK to have friendships like that. In fact, I encourage you ALL to develop those types of friendships.
SoulPancake did a really interesting video about platonic friendships and defining the needs of others that made me think.
The results: All of the cross-sex friends had some attraction to each other, but oped into not acting on them.

The benefits of the friendship outweighed the relationship.

Essentially, they recognized that the friendship was more important than the desire to have sex. And they openly addressed it!
@EthanGinsberg brought this up in one of my cards about addressing the attraction, and working through it together. Friendships are also meant to work through problems that are happening between the two as well.

It's important to recognize where you two are in the friendship or relationship, address attraction, and chose to act on it or not.

My thoughts...

Well, I've gone through friendships where one person is attracted to the other and it didn't end well, while others have. We've acknowledge the fact that one or both of us were attracted to each other and decided not to act on in. We helped each other through other relationship problems while still maintaining our own friendship.
That being said, some of my best relationships started out as deep friendships. They just happen to be in my friend group, or we kept things as friends before we starting seeing each other romantically.
I've also had romantic relationships that have ended in friendship that have been really awesome!

Relationships can change and that's totally ok!

I would love to hear your thoughts friends!
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@carterhaugan479 that is just the best story I have ever heard! YOU ARE SO FULL OF WISDOM. hahaha @ButterflyBlu And what did you conclude with this friend? 😝 I totally see where you are coming from @NaraA friendships ending can crush you almost as much as the end of a relationship! it's good to be careful!
@NaraA Sometimes the question of moral don't make possible you to have more than a friendship with someone. For example, sometimes you can feel attraction to the boyfriend of your friend.
@tuliohopper- then u shouldnt act on it ! i would say how good the guy is, my friend is important
yes can do, ma'am. there're many types of S.O's out there heheh
Awwww the friend SO, those are the good kind too XD @melifluosmelodi