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29: K-pop artist you look up to...
Alright.. Sure.. Make me cry thinkin about this one..
Okay I have two so here's #1: Kwon Jiyong, I haven't fallen this hard for an artist since Joe Jonas.. His hard work and dedication inspire me to work harder to get what I want. His fashion sense and such helped me realize what I truly wanted to study for.
His music gets me better than anyone I've ever known and it gets me through hard times. I will never forget seeing him, breathing the same air as him... That night, I forgot everything, all the horrible things I was going though and the people putting me through them, I cried more than I thought I would when I heard the start of Crooked, the memory of that night got me through one of the hardest things I've been through in the last few years. I admire him. He inspires me. I love him for all he is.
My #2 is Jung Taekwoon. I've never come across an idol I relate to more than him. We are both quiet people and have a resting bitch face that makes us seem unapproachable at first. But he has shown me that I can find people who truly do care for me no matter what. His smile lights up the whole world, his voice is so calming and his hard work and dedication to everything he does is inspiring. Listening to his voice keeps me calm when I'm a huge crowd (crowds + me = TERRIBLE TERRIBLE MOMENTS OF FREAK OUTS). Jung Taekwoon means the absolute world to me. I imagine his hugs could cure cancer and I wish I could get one, I wish I could see him like I saw Kwon Jiyong but I can't imagine I'll be that lucky. But anyways, I love this man with all my heart and when he's happy, I'm happy. I adore him and I love him more than I can even understand. He's the first idol I've had a strong connection with. I just love him.
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GD and Leo in one card!!! Girl @jiyongleo u r in Heaven