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Clarisonic users you're in for a treat.

While we already know the main use of the Clarisonic and the benefits, it turns out that this nifty skincare gadget can do so much more than just cleanse your face. For such a pretty penny, you would hope that the Clarisonic does more than it offers and much to our surprise it does. But we shouldn't be surprised, right? Well, I'll leave that answer up to you.
Keep scrolling to see an interesting list of things you probably had no clue you could do with your Clarisonic.

Exfoliating your lips is a must, especially in the winter.

Lucky for you, you can use your Clarisonic to exfoliate your lips the same way you would exfoliate your face.

The brush head that comes with the Clarisonic is interchangeable.

You can easily purchase a different texture to suit your skin at your local Sephora. Take my word for it, the cashmere brush is the best. Your skin will thank you.

It works just as good.

If you're on trend with the oil cleansing epidemic, use your Clarisonic the same way you would if you were to use a facial cleanser.

Your chest and back need love too.

If you happen to suffer from acne anywhere on your body, let your Clarisonic put those pimples to rest.
Heres to healthy and vibrant skin.

The more you know, the more you glow.

Do you own a Clarisonic? Would you invest in one?