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Dreams: Ch. 1- He whom takes for granted

FORWARD (respective copyrights for photos. I do not own these) (Skip below to dream) It becomes apparent that as we awaken from dreams, we eventually forget them. Rarely do I remember any of my dreams for more than a day, however my friends has requested time and time again that I start to make a dream journal. I've never been so motivated to start one until the dream I had just awaken from this night. My subconscious mind is rather not mine but a mind of it's own. It is dark, twisted, and ever reaching new depths of emotion. If it were not barred behind my conscious bars, this world would really become a hell. without further ado, my dream-
With a haze, my eyes open groggily. I gaze into the bright sky for a moment and realize the rubble piled on top of my lower torso and legs. I brush it off and slowly stand up amidst the surrounding debris. Evidence suggests I had continued from my previous dream, where a tornado threatened the life of my coworkers. By the looks of it, I had succeeded in my mission. I continue to look around to grasp the bearing of my location. Slowly trees form around me. The breeze is gentle and the sun warming to the soul. I found myself along the outskirts of a city- one that constantly changes back and forth between my dreams. My phone vibrates as the silent alarm goes off to inform that school will be starting soon. I grab my briefcase and listen to music as I make my way to the train station, i notice my dream clothes and body are clean from dirt or injury from the previous night.
As the train makes it's stops between stations, one of my teachers approaches me. By her attitude and gestures, it would seem that not only was she a character of interest to myself, but she was indeed promiscuous and unfit as a teacher. Her witty words stun me and her face found amusement in my scolding of her poor lack of character as a teacher. She kissed me on the cheek and told me to spend lunch in her classroom later before standing up and moving to the next car.
At the next stop a browned hair girl came and sat by me. I felt a strange sense of familiarity and comfort in her. She held my hand as we listened to music together and made our way to class. I remembered her, she was my girlfriend. At the least, one that my friends would not suspect to be indecent in any manner as they would a teacher...although no one knew about that matter. The school day begun with the first bell sounding off. classes were the usual, mundane and long. Eventually lunch crept up behind me, as I was making my way down the hallway with my girlfriend. We passed my teacher's door, and were stopped by her jealousy. Obviously because dating students were wrong, she was incapable of asking why I was with another girl (whom she was aware of being our "cover" ) and why I was not with her. Instead she asked, "I fully expect you to complete your homework as soon as you can before I fail you for not turning it in. I suggest you get in this classroom and work on it now while you have lunch time." I knew full well her intention was for us to study other things, and not the sort of things that were school related. I shrugged my teacher off as the stereotypical student would, just when both my teacher's phone and my own phone went off. Our eyes instantly met as we both came up with an abrupt excuse as to why we had to leave for something important. We ran off in opposite directions, leaving my girlfriend behind. The only time my phone ever got messages in my dreams was because something dangerous was coming. My recollections from the previous dream came pouring in as I talked to my contact over the phone. That's right. I wasn't really a student...and my teacher wasn't really a teacher. We were government employees called nightmare hunters.
A nightmare is the manifestation of negative emotions people subconsciously bury behind their fake smiles. As they build up, they create Anomalies among the dream worlds. Some of these become so violent that they are actually capable of killing people during their sleep. The night before wasn't just a tornado, but an Anomaly that was attacking innocent people. If you were not aware, everyone's dreams are linked together. The people in your dreams that you paid no attention to, that did not seem like anything but a blur in the distance, or even the lights of buildings off in the horizon...were actually other people dreaming, all having plots and twists of their own. What is interesting about this is that while they may have manifested a nightmare, they are directly linked with your dream, and your dream may be directly linked to someone else's dream...which in turn means that Anomaly manifestations have the capability to not only travel nonstop, but survive even after the creator has awakened. For centuries these Anomalies have threatened humankind, but has since been on the decrease after the governments started a secret project to combat these nightmares. The first attack of the day was at the train station. But what was strange about this particular attack was that not only did the nightmare engage in battle with myself, but there were several other nightmare assassins presently fighting against it. My teacher was no where to be seen, which led me to believe there were several attacks and not just one. Regardless, it only took about 2 minutes for us to slay it. The other hunters immediately fled the area and the dream world began to heal the damages created to itself from the nightmare. There were no casualties as a result from the attack. I made it back to class before lunch ended.
After school I was asked by my girlfriend to walk her home. Even though there were many things on my mind, I happily obliged. Even though I was secretly dating my teacher, I really liked this girl. She was my idea of purity. My heart felt at ease and actually normal while I was around her, and we laughed a lot about the simplest of things. Even if I were not really dating her seriously, I wanted to protect her. If "precious" had a manifestation, it would definitely be her and no one else. We decided to get a drink at a convenient store along the way, which wasnreally just an excuse to spend more time together. My phone started ringing, and the air that surrounded us turned dark. Was this the coming of another nightmare? My girlfriend looked and her expression changed from worried to frightened immediately as I pulled a knife from my briefcase. The moment was instantaneous- The convenient store doors busted wide open and blades flew. The shopkeeper screamed as blood flew from his body against the ceiling and walls. Three nightmare assassins bounced inside the convenient store and along the aisles. Our teacher stood at the convenient store doors, observing us with jealous eyes and a mischievous smirk. The nightmare's faceless head finally revealed itself coming through the center of the ceiling, as both myself and the three other assassins threw blades at it, instantly killing it. Two of the assassins bounced out the door almost as fast as they scurried in, but the third moved toward our direction, "policy, no survivors!". Time slowed, as three long blades tore the air. My girlfriend screamed in horror right before the flying blades pierced her body. I watched the entire thing helplessly, as my only precious thing fell to the floor, laying there lifelessly. The government policy set in place was that if anyone were to discover the identity of a nightmare agent, or the existence of the Anomalies in general, that they were to be executed on sight.
I stood there, staring at her unmoving body and the sad expression left on her face. I dropped my blade next to my feet and stared with disbelief... All those precious moments we shared together rushed through my mind, and images of nightmares and death immediately drowned it all as my mind broke into a thousand of bloodied shards. She was dead. A footstep was heard and I snapped...
My teacher stared at me with an expressionless face as I came back to reality. I looked at her confused as to why she was in front of me. What had just happened? My hands felt wet. I looked down and saw them drenched in blood. The memories flew in as I fell to my knees, crying nonstop and screaming with rage. The moment I snapped, I rushed the last hunter before he made it out the door. I didn't kill him immediately, I knocked his knives out of his hands. I punched him and choked him against the wall. The teacher yelled to the second hunter to stop me. Before the second made his way in, the one I chocked was on the floor, his face unrecognizable from the punches I infinitely rained upon him. The second hunter tried to get between us as if to try and calm me down. He tried using reasoning with government policy before being knocked unconscious and meeting the same fate as his friend. But I didn't stop punching them after they died. I struck them over and over to feed my desire for revenge. Their bones broke. Their faces caved in. Blood was everywhere. The feeling of killing something made me feel so much more alive. Mental images of the previous nightmare I killed the night before kept surfacing as I punched and cut their bodies with their own knives. The teacher told the third hunter to report to headquarters before I rushed her. And now I kneeled at her feet with tears pouring down my cheek. She tried to say something but failed until after several attempts. "You got too close to her. You were only meant to love me. You love me don't you?" "I could never love you." Filled with regret and rage, I firmly stated, "Go away. Before I kill you too." She turns away. "The Government will want to kill you for killing two of their agents." I looked up with blood pouring from my darkened eyes "But can they kill their own nightmare?"
And then I awoke. Please let me know if you enjoyed this dream. If you would like to read more, post a comment or send a message, and I might consider doing a dream journal on here. I can try to remember older dreams, but probably won't happen. I have to write them as they come.
i wasn't paying attention... lol. Or i skimmed and didn't remember.... you seen Jkobs name video? lol
<.< I know your name now. Stalking mode activated.
This was awesome!! I like your dreams. They're dark and bloody like mine. I would love to hear more of your dreams!!
lmfao. I wont upload any until May so don't worry. we can worry about it then. I have all my vids on external hardrives xD
:3 like channel links and whatnot
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