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Part 3!!! Happy Reading!!
You analyze the words that Chanyeol had said to you. You kept replaying the argument in your head, kept repeating the name he called you, "bitch." You bite your lip. Chanyeol never called you that before. He's never yelled at you like that before. You feel something wet land on your hand. You wipe it off then rub your cheek, realizing you were crying. You curse, trying to stop your tears, but they keep coming. There's no way to stop them, so you let them fall. You fall to your knees, unable to control your emotions. "Hey sis," you hear Baekhyun call from the living room. He always called you 'sis' since you guys act like brother and sister. "What's wrong with Chanyeol?" He enters your room to find you sitting on your knees. A concerned look spreads across his face. "What happened?" he asked. You quickly wipe your eyes. "Nothing," you say. "We just had a fight," you whispered. You feel fresh tears forming and look down at the floor. "Baekhyun walks over to you, kneeling down beside you and placing his hand on your shoulder. "What did he say?" he asked.
You wipe your cheek. "He called me arrogant," you say. Baekhyun slowly puts his arm around you, sensing that you were close to breaking down. "He said I don't care about him," your voice starts breaking. "He called me a-" you start letting out small sobs. Your vision became blurry and you couldn't think straight. You feel Baekhyun put his other arm around you as he pulls you close. "It's okay," he says as you sob into his chest. He starts rubbing your back, trying to comfort you. You see your tears land on his shirt. You try to apologize, but he quickly says, "It's just a shirt. Your more important than this shirt right now." he starts stroking your hair, calming you down just a little bit. Your sobs start t slow down and your eyes slowly stop watering. Your breathing goes back to normal and you feel the ache in your chest slowly go away. Baekhyun takes arm off of you. He wipes a stray tear from your cheek. "Feel better?" You nod, giving him a weak smile. he smiles back at you. "Good," he says before he gets up. "Because you need to get out of this place." He offers his hand. You take it as he helps you up. "Grab a jacket. We're going for a walk." He says before disappearing into the living room.
"He got in a fight with his parent's," Baekhyun says as you walk around the parks bike trail. You breath in, feel the cool air on your face. It's such a beautiful day, you think. You turn to Baekhyun, "Really?" "Yeah," he replies, "He had to leave earlier to meet his dad. When I asked him about it, he flipped." "Oh," you sigh as you put your hands in your jacket pockets. "Was this why he's been acting different?" you thought. 'Was he just stressed out because of his family?" Baekhyun stops walking and turns to face you. "He hasn't told you anything?" he asks. "No," you reply, "He just pushes me way." "Hm," he says as he looks at the sky. "That's strange." "What?" "Nothing. We'd better head back. It's getting dark." You look up at the sky, seeing the sun setting over the horizon. You smile, remembering the first time Chanyeol watched the sun set with you. You feel your eyes get watery and push the memory away. You turn and start walking back to your apartment, Baekhyun walking beside you.
You walk into your apartment, surprised that Chanyeol isn't there. You shrug as you take off your jacket and set it on the kitchen counter. "Are your sure you're okay alone? 'Cause I can stay if you want," Baekhyun says as he closes the door behind him. "I'm fine," you say. "I'll be okay." You give him a reassuring smile. You really needed to be alone right now. "Okay," he says, "See you later." His phone rings as he heads toward the door. He answers it as you walk towards the cupboard to get a glass for some water. "A-Are you sure?" You hear Baekhyun ask in a frantic voice. He turns to you. "We'll be there soon." he hangs up and looks at you, his face in full panic. "That was Suho," he said before walking up to you. "Chanyeol was in a car accident.
exo: someone call the doctor korean korean korean.
Omg!!!! no ooooo channieeeeeee!!!!!!
wait Wat just happened like i am so shocked omg *speechless*
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