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HEADLINE: BAP's Fandom Are Cool!!

So apparently B.A.P's fan club celebrated Jongup's birthday by donating to a charity which is a trend that is getting real popular. The spokesperson for the charity said that “B.A.P’s fan club has helped aid ill-fortunate children with hearing disabilities and donated money on behalf of Jongup.” They donated about 1.6 MILLION WON($1,275) to the charity. One of the representatives of the fan club said that they wanted to provide a little aid so children could one day they will be able to hear their families voices and and music.
Link to article here
I can't believe B.A.P's fan club is doing this.. I really hope Jongup notices this and rewards them with something. His birthday is on February 6th.

Poor D.O :(

So in a recent interview D.O says that he wants to date but just doesn't have the time. His first love was in his third year of high school, he says, but the relationship wasn't a fond memory. He says that he was really clingy and possessive and that he regrets how he acted back then. D.O then replies that right now he really wants to date but he is just too busy. He says he won't ever be clingy again after being with his first love.
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So already a lot of groups and soloists have came back including WINNNER, TAEYEON, and 4Minute. But there are way more comebacks to look forward. Here are a few of them.
Ravi- Feb. 5th; He will be releasing his "R.EBirth" album
B.A.P- Feb. 22nd; Coming back with thier "Carnival"
ASTRO and MAMAMOO- Both of these bands will be releasing songs by the end of February
Also people to look for is TAEMIN and F(x) Amber who will be releasing songs but dates have not been released

Your Daily Dose of Memes!!!!

I hope you enjoy today's edition of Kpop News!!! I really enjoy making these and I hope you guys like reading it!! :)

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