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I was tagged by @BelencitaGarcia and @ChelseyJay
alright I'll post the rules. 1) pick 3 wonderful songs. 2) explain why you connect with these songs so well. sounds pretty simple. let's go!
Younha - Run Younha is a beautiful singer, song writer, and actress. (she played as Cinderella in a musical last November) This song is about being afraid and sad but still breaking free. Whenever I feel down and lost (which is all the time) I listen to this song. My favorite lyrics are " Time please pass by a bit quicker. TAke me and fly far away. Take me to a dazzling tommorow, do I can fly higher than anyone else. I am singing about you like this. With a big voice in front of you. Take my hand at the end of the dark and cold tunnel. " This song makes me feel like I am not alone. That there's still a chance for me some how. this song came out in 2012 and I'm still addicted.
CL - MTBD (mental Breakdown) This song matches with me perfectly when I'm pissed off. it raps about haters and fake people, basically telling them to be careful. Once some one has a breakdown any jerk is in trouble. favorite lyrics: "Abracadabra this is a lullaby to wake your soul. Take a good look at yourself Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat sun. Karma is looking for you. " So all you bullies, beware.
BONUS! B.A.P - Warrior & Excuse me the lyrics say it all. taking over the world and squishing the fakers. BAP is notorious for this type of music. screw the bs and win!
Yup, I just though I'd give this a shot. thanks!