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Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro Will Reunite at DICE for a 'Conversation'

This month at the DICE Summit, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro will be in the same space once again to have a "conversation". Or at least that's what DICE is calling it. On their website they have it described like this:
... These master storytellers will offer insight into their creative vision and the driving forces behind their artistic pursuits [...] this conversation will revisit some of their fondest memories from their own individual careers as well as some of the pivotal moments from each other’s work that remain a constant source of inspiration.
That description has me pretty excited for what they'll end up talking about. And honestly I'm more interested in what Guillermo Del Toro has to say because I always forget that he's heavily influenced by Kojima's work in video games. It'll be interesting to see what a cinematic visionary like Del Toro has to say about video games.
And we can assume that more conversations between the both of them will happen during the DICE Summit. And I think that has all of us who played PT excited for whatever they might come up with next. Anyone who's played PT or watched Let's Plays of it can agree that it's probably the creepiest thing that's ever existed in video games thus far (or hasn't if you work for Konami). So the two of them together again even if it's just to have a conversation and give some speeches I think something more will end up coming of this.
I believe that DICE said somewhere that they'll be streaming the whole conference and if that's the case I'll probably end up making another card about it once I'm sure that it's a thing that's happening. But just in case you want to stay in the know on your own, the DICE Summit is this month from February 16th to the 18th.
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Cloud (Yes, Cloud Strife) is Coming to Super Smash Bros.
I never thought I'd see the day either, Cloud. Many of us gamer-nerds like to fancy Final Fantasy VII as one of the best RPGs we've ever played. Of course we can retroactively say, well it's not that good (or whatever), but at the time our tiny little mashed potato bodies enjoyed every little drop of that beautiful RPG gravy (sorry, I'm kind of hungry). I think one of the conversations I've had multiple times with a bunch of different people (aka friends) is the conversation of Cloud being in Smash. And we all thought it was probably impossible. You know, since Nintendo owns Smash and Cloud is a Sony character and all, I -- along with all of my friends -- assumed that there was no chance that we'd be able to play as him in the game. But somehow, (probably with a bunch of money) Nintendo managed to get Cloud in the game, and boy he looks like a character I'd want to learn and use exclusively (sorry, Mega Man, I still love you). And I'm unsure of what exactly his Final Smash is. It seems like that portion of the trailer has him using materia to summon those classic summons (I can't remember any of their names but I do remember all of them, I know, I'm terrible. Fuck off) but he also seems to be capable of doing Limit Breaks. I tried my best to take a screenshot of one starting up (above) but it might be better if you just watch the trailer over and over again. There still isn't any news on when Cloud will be available and how much he'll cost (since he's DLC and all) but it seems like Nintendo is planning a special Smash Bros. presentation in December so I'd assume we'll be hearing more about this whenever that presentation happens.
The Titans Are Coming in August, Are You Ready?
Two months ago, I wrote about an Attack on Titan game that ended up coming out in Japan a little bit ago looks like it's coming out in North America and Europe in August. Now, if you know me (the robot, former human), then you know that I am extremely excited for this game. I didn't think that it'd ever come out for Western audiences but I'm glad that I was wrong. But can you blame me? I mean, a lot of Japanese games hardly ever make it over to the Americas and/or Europe, an example of this is the Yakuza series (games I really want to get into). A trailer was released today announcing the European release date (and after some research, I found the North American release date, which is just two days later) and I'm extremely excited for it. The trailer isn't anything we haven't seen before but there is one thing that I'm really happy about. It essentially just looks like the Japanese trailer with English subtitles. And one of the things I constantly worry about when they bring these Japanese games to the West, the character usually get horrible English dubs which make me feel queasy. So, I'm really glad that I'll get to play the game in the same way that I watched the show. It also looks like the game covers the first season of the show, so if you haven't watched past that it shouldn't be a problem for you. Or, you can start watching it again now just to catch up. AOT: Wings of Freedom will be released on (almost) every platform on August 26th in Europe and August 28th in North America.
How To Restrict Kids App Access On Android?
Child monitoring is essential in this digital world when they have access to the unrestricted internet. Children are glued to phone screens while studying, working or doing other stuff. If you are one of those parents, whose kids are finding it hard to get their eyes off from their phone screens, then it is the time to find a solution. So, to help your kids in finding the best solution from excessive app usage, we are sharing simple ways to restrict app access. Let's get started. What Is App Restriction? Application restriction is not just about controlling app permissions but limiting app access for a stipulated time. When teens own phones, they are most likely to lose track of time scrolling through their phones and avoiding their major activities. If kids fail to realize prolonged hours they spent on different apps, they are prone to vulnerable situations like cyber threats, and it may also trigger severe health issues. Do you remember the Blue Whale Game that courted controversy for encountering children through suicide challenges? Read more: 3  Ways To Block Kids From Installing Apps On Their Android Phone That's why you need to know how to restrict access to such similar apps with the Android tracking system. How To Restrict Kids App Access On Android? Step 1: Install a well known parental control app: Download one of the most popular child monitoring applications like Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is an Android phone monitoring software that provides an opportunity for parents to control and restrict their child's internet activity. You can install Bit Guardian from Google Play Store (for free) and safeguard your child's digital safety. Step 2: Add parents credentials to log in: Post app installation, you have to enter your credentials to start using the software. Step 3: Add your children: In Bit Guardian Parental Control, there is no restriction in adding a number of children. You can add infinite kids to manage their web activities simultaneously. You have to enter your (parents) credentials in your child's device. Step 4: Move to your child's settings: Here, you will see various tools to monitor and control teen's online tasks. Bit Guardian provides App Blocker, and App Install Blocker features to limit kid's app access. App Blocker: Go to App Block and enable this feature. Then, select the list of applications you want to block in your child's phone. Click to apply, and you are done! This function helps block unnecessary and unsuitable apps like dating, gambling, violent, etc. App Install Blocker: If your child has a habit of collecting a plethora of unwanted apps, then this tool is highly beneficial. It prevents kids from downloading new applications. Activate this function, and immediately, it will stop your teens from new app installation. Read also: 10 Reasons to use Parental Control Apps for Kids’ Safety Additionally, this child monitoring software has other functions also that protect children from excessive app usage, that includes: Time Schedule: This tool helps to set curfew hours on multiple applications on a child's smartphone. It also helps to set bedtime, which will close the running app on teen's gadget during sleeping hours. You have to define the start and end time to allow access to applications to kids. App Time Limit: This tool helps to create a group of alike applications and sets the time boundary on that group. Here, you can place restrictions on individual apps or groups by defining specific minutes/ hours for a child's use in a whole day. Read: Reduce Kid’s Screen Time using Parental Control App Step 5: Enable the functions: Once you are aware of the different functionalities this software offers, you can activate the required tools and place reasonable restrictions on your child's internet use. With Bit Guardian's Android tracking system, you can explore its functionalities and protects your child's digital interest. Download the app today!
Photos on Canvas - Personalized Canvas Prints
The advances in digital photography, as well as the affordability of giclee printing technology has meant that the market place for company's offering to print your photos on canvas is growing at a rapid rate. So how do you choose the right company? Well there are a number of key factors to consider and I will take you through a few of them here. The First is the Quality of Canvas Being Used This sounds obvious but it is very easy to overlook, or more accurately, very easy to be mislead. There are three main canvases being used by printers. Cotton canvas is the best while polyester canvas is a cheaper alternative. The third canvas is a blend between the two and is known as polycotton canvas. The first thing to bear in mind is that if a company offering canvas printing does not mention which type, they are using then you can be pretty sure that it's polyester. Unfortunately, though it's not as easy as looking for the first company who offers cotton as the quality of cotton canvas can vary massively. Ideally you would want to see a sample of any canvas prior to ordering, although we realize that this is not possible when ordering online. The one thing you can check when ordering online is how heavy the canvas is - you want a canvas that is a minimum 340gsm but ideally, for a really top-quality feeling product I recommend 420gsm. The Second Point to Consider is Frame Quality Ensure that any frame is oven dried pine wood to confirm that it doesn't warp. There are also two standard thicknesses when dealing with personalized canvas prints, 18mm and 38mm. 18mm is the cheaper option and tends to feel a lot more brittle when held, while canvas prints produced using 38mm frames look far more solid. The third and probably most important factor to consider is how your image will be treated? When we started on canvas prints it is crucial to prepare the image adequately as, even with the advances in digital photography, most images are not prepared to be blown up to the typically large sizes produced when printing personalized canvas prints. I need to point out at this stage that although it is possible to enhance any image prior to printing, the best prints will still be produced by images that are of high quality to begin with. It can be very difficult to gauge how a company will deal with your image prior to printing so have a read through their website to determine if you believe that they'll edit and enhance your image before printing. If unsure then contact them and ask! You will probably find that the level of attention they afford you when on the phone, will reflect the time and care that they will put into enhancing your image. When deciding where to go for your photos on canvas prints, then by bearing the above three points in mind you won't go far wrong. Your personalized canvas print should be something that provides you with a great deal of enjoyment as well as being something that lasts a lifetime. It is therefore worth taking that little bit of extra time when creating your work of art. Craig is passionate about creating stunning art work from customers own images. He does work for many professional photographers and designers; however, he gets the most enjoyment from printing photos on canvas for the general public. This can offer numerous challenges and he strives to supply the simplest print potential from every and each image.
From Where Students Can Get Research Paper Help?
A student has to do a lot of research during their college or university life. It is always a part of their schedule. Either a thesis or a regular assignment, both require research and analysis. Let’s discuss seven steps that can be taken by students to develop their research and analysis skills. Library is best place It is always a good option to go to the library and read your course related books. This will help get a better grip of the research or analysis that you want to do. Libraries are packed with relevant records, and if you are lucky you will find a book that fits your thesis or assignment. Read Old Dissertations and Thesis This step will help give your research a good platform. At time the dissertations that are in regards to your own topic can help; what to research and what to analyze. Get Help from Online Essay Writing Service Platforms The last step to take if you are still confused is; contact an essay writing service an expert online . There are sites online that will help you with the research and analysis, for your assignment and thesis. Stay in Touch with Your Supervisor Your supervisor is like your knight in shining armor. He/she will guide you through your research as they are already familiar with the study pattern. This will also help one get a jump start. Try Not to Search Irrelevant Data Be sure not to deviate from the topic. Your research and analysis will go to waste if it is not relevant to the topic given. So first make sure that first you have the title, and the requirement of the topic figured out.
The Elder Scrolls Games Ranked from Worst to Best
1. The Elder Scrolls: Arena The game that started it all!! The general blueprint of the Elder Scrolls was laid out here, and hasn't changed all that much over the years. Clearly it isn't as advanced as some of the newer games but it laid the foundation for future games. 2. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall While Daggerfall refined and improved a lot of what made Arena such a good game, the world it was set in was fairly bland, and often times felt quite repetitive. Most of the towns you visit feel exactly the same, and the dungeons get boring once you realize they all follow almost the same layout. 3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Now this... might annoy some of you. While I think this game is really good, and at certain points great, the combat system is what fails the game the most. Throughout the entire game every character levels with you, and the combat makes it feel like you are doing almost no damage while random villagers would be able to one-shot you. Oh also the main storyline kinda sucks. 2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim This is truly an amazing game. Despite slight narrative issues that make following the main storyline a little confusing, Skyrim is just a stunning open world to just exist in and interact with. Side quests are extremely detailed and almost never feel repetitive. Also dragons are pretty cool. 1. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind This was a pretty obvious #1 for many. Sure there are plenty of little issues to pick at but Morrowind provides an experience so immersive and truly unlike any other entry in the Elder Scrolls Series, or any other RPG. It is more beautiful, interesting, complex and political than any other Elder Scrolls game, making it a pretty easy #1.