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What was your reaction? I really did scream. Because omg I SAW IT COMING!! sobs... I have already watched this twice but I feel like I'm gonna watch it again tonight. My life... And I'm sorry but since I've decided to start a collection dedicated for the two of them I'm gonna be spamming <3
But we watched it in the airing time . It was a wonderful drama I liked kang se chan I mean wonderful ,handsome teacher ❤ but the end wasn't that good
@winterlovesong well a lot in vingle watched this drama but we wat
@reyam exactly right! I knew that he was a good fighter that's why I got SOO excited. I'm trying to find someone to spazz with me about School. Nobody on vingle seems to have watched this drama :(
Yeah same here I did scream but I was kinda feeling that he is a good fighter cause he was hardly holding back