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so pretty much everyone at my work knows I like KPop and KDramas. Well today one of my coworkers shocked me and asked about my favorite group. which of course is BAP.
I told her that it stood for Best.Absolute.Perfect and she thought that was interesting. I thought she was done talking about it (since most people will judge me for liking KPop) .... but I was wrong!
she started to look them up on the computer! She asked what a good song would be. So not really knowing her taste of music I told her coffee shop since it was more laid back. She said that they have a nice sound and likes their voices. YongGuk's part came up and she was like woah they Rap to! So I told her about how there are different positions in each group and how BAP has a variety of sounds.
next she listened to 1004 (Angel) which she also liked. she liked the sounds in the beginning. Then it automatically played Rain Sound afterwards. she didn't get to see the video for this one but said it sounded nice.
Then I showed her never give up I warned her that it is bright and there is alot of eyeliner (she agreed when Zelo popped up) ... towards the end of the song she started Dancing to it!!
so she made my day by wanting to know more about KPop and BAP :) Hopefully I can get her to listen to some more and maybe she'll even start liking it.
I LOVE THIS! Show her BTS dance practice videos!
my fellow kpop lovers do you ever wonder how after we become fans it becomes our duty to dominate the world with amazing music?? Just me then? lol
24 hours a day,52 weeks and 365 days in a year. everyday all day. @PrettieeEmm
@ElleHolley I'm starting with my younger family members their minds are moldable
@PrettieeEmm I do it every day. I have 2 of my clients listening to Exo and the new girl training thinks Big Bang is "cool"
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