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5 Legit Predicaments Every Extroverted Introvert Knows

You live for the nights that you can't remember because you're sleep.

I know the struggle. If you thought there was no such thing as an extroverted introvert, you're in for a big surprise. Contrary to popular belief, you can hold a double title when it comes to your personality. You can totally be that person that RSVP's to events even though you know the day of you'll be cuddled up between your sheets watching a marathon of Broad City -- and you know what? That's okay. You're definitely not alone.
There are several extroverted introverts in the world and they don't even know it. If you think you fall under the following category, ask yourself these three questions. Do you go shopping, but avoid all sales associates? Do you text first, but hate answering the phone when they call you? Do you invite someone over and then make up a fake reason as to why they can't come anymore? If you answered yes to two out of the three questions then yes, you happen to be an extroverted introvert. Keep scrolling to see exactly what extroverted introverts are about according to Cosmopolitan.
'Texting your friend, "We should go out tonight!" and then they reply an hour later with, "Yeah! What do you feel like doing?" and you're like, "Actually, never mind. I'm cool with staying home for life."'
Making plans and then canceling last minute. It's a way of life.
'Trying to explain why you're super depressed because you went to some dumb party you didn't want to go to because you felt like you'd already said "no" to that person too many times lately.'
Finding the urge to say yes when deep down you really want to say no and stay at home.
'Not being able to explain to your friends that seeing them last night was honestly as much social interaction as you'll need for three weeks at least.'
Once is a week -- or a month for that matter, is enough when it comes to your extroverted personality.
'If people knew how many pitch-perfect excuses you've come up with for why you can't hang out tonight, they would think you were a legit sociopath.'
You can never have too many excuses. Although, you feel like you've used the 'I'm not feeling well' excuses one too many times.
'Knowing there's about a two-hour time limit where you can schmooze and make jokes and meet your friend's new boyfriend before you need to be in an Uber on your way to Uggs and Gilmore Girls town.'
Because when you're ready to go, you're ready to go. Little do your friends know, you've been plotting to request an uber to take you home for the past hour or so.

Do you find any of this to be accurate?

Leave a comment below and add on to the list if you dare.
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