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Requested by: natalyunni017 inspired by: MrsBangYongguk
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One Morning, You look over at your alarm clock which says that it's 6:45am, You get up dramtically as you sigh sadly. You get up and remember that today is Valentine's Day, You realize that today would have been your 7 year anniversary with your ex boyfriend. You think about him throughout your morning routine. As you were putting on some eyeliner, You heard the doorbell ring. You immediately put down the makeup pencil, (that can stab your eyeball?!?!) and run over to the door and look through the door hole to see who it was at the door so freaking early?!
It was a package. For me? You thought to yourself as you open the door and pick up the heavy box. You slammed the box on the kitCHEN counter, You grab the sharp scissors and cut the tape, open the flaps to see a lot of goods with a letter, You gently grab the letter and open it. You see a card with a beautiful cover on the front that shows a heart with a rose in the middle that reads,

" Dear (Y/N),

Happy Valentine's Day and a Happy 7 year anniversary... I may be away but I'm sure...Even when we're far apart from each other.. Distance can change, The love I have for you in my heart...Thinking of you...

Do you miss me? I miss you a lot as a lover and a friend. I will always cherish every moment we had with each other, the intial misconceptions I had about you... We have been through the thick and thin, We have cried and laughed with each other, We have had our arguments, fights, and our bawls.

But we also had laughs, hugs, kisses and my love for any girl is strong but my love for you is powerful and out of this world, just like you... I Love You... See You Soon..

Love from your past lover,

Lee Jinki AKA Onew

You smile as you walk over to your room and set the card near your bed, on TOP (BIGBANG!!!) of your dresser. You walk back into the kitchen and look through the box to see old polaroid photos of you two being all lovey dubby, A beautiful red rose and you look through the box a little closer to see an old teddy bear which was missing his left eye. You hug the bear tightly as you have memories and flashbacks about how Onew got you the lovely bear. It was your guys' official first date at the local amusepark. He had asked you on a date a week before Valentines day, and of course you said yes. You both had came across a game that had that exact teddy bear hanging onto the roof of the consession stand, Onew finally had ruled the game after trying like 5 times. He offered you the bear but you said no because you were to old for that.
After that night, You thought about Onew because you liked him alot and you knew that he liked you back.
After that week, It was Valentine's day and you saw that everyone had their Valentine already, But you felt so empty on the inside. But luckily, Onew actually saw you standing there all lonesome, He walked toward you, got down on one knee as he held your hand and the teddy bear in his other hand. He gave you you the bear like as if it were a wedding ring, He asked you those very touching words, "(Y/N), I really like you, I want us to be together and I can't it but think about you day and night, Will you be my Valentine and my Girlfriend?"
He gave you the bear as he proposed the question to you, You started to tear up as you nod a yes. He smiled as he stood up and gave you a big hug, You heard whoos, yeahs and shouts from every corner. He pulled you back as he gave you the best kiss you ever had, it was also your first kiss, his first kiss, you were his first real girlfriend as he was your first real boyfriend. You both were those high school love birds that everyone adored.
But sadly, There was a new boy, You both hit it off really well, became best friends, He got jealous. Neither of you actually said those harshful words,"I'm breaking up with you"
But you both had decided that you guys' needed a break from each other, But you both still had strong feelings towards each other. He meet girls that liked him, You met boys that had huge crushes on you. But you both denied every single one of them, so you both were single for about 2 months. Until... He met this girl, She was his old childhood friend, So they became friendly quickly, But sooner or later they had became to friendly. After about 3 months of seeing each other again, They became a couple, Which made you really jealous. You were trying to avoid Onew and his new gf at all times, Where ever they were, You avoided. But Onew had noticed your little plan, So he kept trying to talk to you but you didn't want to because you were angry with him.
But One Day, He had caught you by grabbing your hand and spinning you in front of him, "Hey! Why have you been ignoring me?"
You responded angrily, "Because...I don't want to talk to you.."
"Why Not? Is it because I have a girlfriend?" He asked you.
"No duh Sherlock(SHINee!!!)...." You said as you push him away and try to walk away.
He runs in front of you and squeezes your shoulders.
"Look, I'm the one that should be jealous, You were the first one to have an significant lover."
" He's just a friend!!! Unlike you... I actually took the break but you didn't seem to care about our relationship.." You yelled at him. He hugs you and holds onto you.
"Look Honey, I'm sorry for everything that I caused but I do care about our relationship and our friendship... Also I Miss..."
Before he can finish his sentence, He sees his girlfriend standing there in anger and jealousy as her hands are crossed.
"What are you doing with my boyfriend? You whore..." She yelled out loudly for people to hear. Everyone looks at you and Onew hugging and start to whisper to each other.
Onew lets go of you and walks towards her to try to calm her down but she justs pushes him to the ground, making him almost broke his wrist. She walks towards you and pushes you to the ground, sits on top of you and starts to pull your hair, slap the crap out of you as she yells out cuss words and everything. You try to resist but you just fight back. You push her off of you and start to beat her. Sooner or later, She punches your face, giving you a bloody nose, You punch back and gave her a black eye. The teacher runs towards you both and pulls you both apart as he gives you both detention and you were both suspended for 2 weeks.
After that fight, Onew walks over to his gf saying, "Look, I'm sorry, You're a great girl but I'm breaking up with you...No hard feelings.." She screams out loud in anger as she walks away. He walks towards you and gives you a big hug.
After school, He walks you home awkwardly, You both started talking about how you both met and He started complimenting about how beautiful you were, how intelligent and funny you are. But you both saw your house and he gave you a hug goodbye, pulls you back and leans in for a kiss goodbye. But after that day, You guys never say each other again....
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