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So back in Fall I decided to try a subscription box... I wasn't sure what I wanted but I didn't want something that would cause me to turn into an item hoarder of things that were utterly useless or that I wouldn't use fast enough. Well food fit that category. I learned about Try the World in a buzzfeed article and decided to give it a go. The first thing I'll tell you is that their website for subscribers isn't all that great, in fact it's more difficult than it needs to be but I'm going to give them some credit since they're probably still pretty new.
I signed on during a free box promo and got the Spain box (featured above) and the Paris box. It was awesome. I shared the sweets at work and I love the fact that I'm stockpiling some interesting ingredients. I also used their store to buy some very interesting and fun Christmas gifts for my family. This last week I got my box from Thailand and I want another because the dried mango, coconut rolls, and the tea were fantastic not to mention the other goodies in the box.
Each box comes with a little booklet that introduces the chef who chose the items for the box but also gives fun recipes and explains each food item in the box. While I simply don't care for organic mumbo jumbo, a lot of their items are organic (if you would like my reasonings you may message me, I will not judge if you won't), fair trade (which I do care about) and so on. It's about 39 dollars every two months or you can pay ahead of time and reduce the over all cost if you don't think you'll cancel. I have had hiccups with their systems so that's the one thing I will warn about as it seems to be a common problem among consumers but their customer service has always been helpful and understanding.
Will do @MaighdlinS!! thanks again for sharing this:D
@nicolejb I think for boxes you have to wait for the month they come out but you can check their goods for German products.
Do they have Germany?! my family lived in Germany so it would be really fun for them @MaighdlinS
@nicolejb it's great and if you're looking for a specific country you can pick from their online store :) @AlloBaber You should! At least one box to try. I have sea salt from France and olive oil from Spain lol I can't wait to fill my cupboards with more
my family loves little treats like this, I might surprise my mom with this as a gift!
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