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Because as a concept that show sounds INCREDIBLE.

So the CW has expressed interest in a Supernatural spinoff show focusing on the same themes and in the same universe (via). And tonight during the show fans are tweeting to let the show runners (and the network) know what they'd like to see!

Wayward Daughters sounds like such a cool title tbh.

Sheriff Jody Mills has been the fan-favorite for having her own solo series, and I've got to say I'm on board. With Donna, Alex, and Claire by her side, that would be a lot of BAMF in one show! Anyone else feeling Wayward? :D
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I would like that too, because then we can see how as police officers, they work supernatural cases after knowing the Winchesters/Bobby.
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@LAVONYORK This spin-off could work better because you got law&order personalities vs rebellious personalities
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Dude not to mention they are females.
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LIVING females in the series no less.
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I was thinking the same thing when I watched this past episode! I'd be super down!
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