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Without You A Drunk!Yoongi Drabble
He sat up slowly and his damp emerald hair splashed across his forehead. He stretched his bare legs under the table, and tugged his boxers further up his waist. The low hum of classical music filled the air, and the hotel silent TV bathed him in an eerie teal glow. The clock read 5:42am. She would be getting up in approximately 18 minutes. Without him. She'd wake up and take a shower, and get dressed, all without his eyes watching her from their, her, bed. Every breath was a chore, ragged and labored. He licked his parched lips and his eyes dragged across the table, away from the depleted bottles of whisky he'd eagerly been nursing. Spotting his neglected cell phone, he reached over and snatched it from no one in particular, knocking over a vase of nearly deceased roses in the process. Yoongi glared at them. He then spent three frustrating minutes attempting to unlock his phone, cursing when he remembers it's his anniversary date. Well, no. Not anymore it wasn't. Now it would be just another day. Fumbling, he eventually reached his messages and scrolled through the weight of the sobering words. Yoongi (8:16pm): Why are you doing this?! What did I do to deserve this? Jagiya (8:17pm): I just can't love you anymore. It's best we see other people. Jagiya (8:19pm): Please delete my number. Yoongi winced, his teeth piercing his lip, and abruptly stood up. Stumbling through the bathroom door, he collapsed onto his toilet, pushing it open just as his body began to shake. He retched violently, body rejecting the toxins he'd ingested for the past 6 hours. It was over almost as quick as it had began. His hands released the toilet seat and he slumped down against the tub, sobbing again. He should have shown her more affection. He should have spent more time with her. He was so busy writing songs about her because that was all that he knew. She was all that he knew. Who was Min Yoongi without her? He'd immersed himself in her. They constantly had her favorite foods, watched her favorite shows. He'd taken her to his concerts, secretly of course, and his eyes only briefly waivered from her. She couldn't stand his cat, so he had begrudgingly taken her to his parents house, where face time was their only reunion. In fact, being that she loved the city, he'd rarely been back to his precious hometown in the two years they'd been together. Now she'd found someone else in a matter of days. It was over, just like that. And she had left, just like that. What did he do so wrong? Hadn't he only tried to love her? Yoongi stood up cautiously, catching himself on the vanity. He inhaled sharply when he caught his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were glazed over, swollen and gaunt, and they seemed to be retreating into his face. His cheeks were a brilliant red and were shining with the remnants of his emotion and his lips bruised and ripped. If anyone had seen him on the street, they could have assumed he'd been in a brawl. He turned the faucet on, splashing the water onto his face. He looked back at himself. As the water dripped from his determined eyes, he smirked. He wiped his face with his sleeve and started towards his suitcase. Digging through to the bottom carefully, he removed his notebook, computer and a set of headphones. He set them down on the table and took a deep breath. The clock was now 6:32am. Daylight began to peak through the shabby curtains. He smiled slightly. "Ahh, Min Yoongi," he whispered, "it's been a while."
Love the story but seems like hanging in the air .Whats wrong , like you are not really into it . Keep on writing and please do tag me.
please keep on tagging me please i really like this story
Ok! Thank you!
nice writing :)
omg this is great please tag me in any all of your stories please :) I love the way you write
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