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You cautiously take your suitcase and lock yourself in the bathroom. Falling back against the door, you try to put together everything that has happened in the last two hours. Not possible. After a few minutes you realize they are still waiting for you. You rush to get changed, suddenly thankful that you brought pajama pants with a t-shirt instead of your usual shorts and tank. Stepping back out you find the bed turned down, each one of them on a different side. They motion you over and you hesitantly move forward.
“You still are not sleeping well?”
Words fail you, so you simply nod.
“We want to make sure you have a good night sleep, so we will assist you.” Your left eyebrow raises in question as he sits on the edge of the bed.
“Nothing will happen, you have our word, we just want to help,” and with that Namjoon lays down on the bed and motions you to his side.
“Umm,” you hesitate, but Taehyung pats the space on the bed between them, “you”.
They gave you their word, that’s good right? Honestly, would you really be unhappy if anything did happen? Your face turns red at the turn your thoughts are taking. Namjoon reaches out, takes your hand and he fits you up against his side, your head resting on his chest. Alright, this is good, feels pretty great actually. Just as you begin to wonder about Taehyung, the bed behind you dips, a warm body snuggles up behind and arms wrap around your waist.
You have to admit you are the warmest you’ve been since you arrived in South Korea. Having two male heaters on each side, with a blanket thrown on top… you never want to get up.
Somewhere in the middle of the night Namjoon starts to snore, instinctively you turn away, right into Taehyung. Your head fits right in the space between his chin and shoulder, and as you snuggle in, he arms instantly tighten. Namjoon’s head turns in the opposite direction but his arm reaches out and settles on your hip. Within minutes you are lulled back to sleep with the pulsing of Taehyung’s heart in your ear.
A phone is ringing somewhere, what an annoying sound. You reach out to stop it but instead you hit a solid wall of muscle. More awake now your eyes fly open only to have a pair of sleepy, sexy brown eyes smiling down at you.
He leans over, placing a kiss on your forehead, “Good Morning”.
“Morning” you mumble in response, not sure if you have morning breath and not really wanting him to find out.
The bed moves behind you and another sleepy, sexy face smiles in your direction. Seeing you angled towards Tae he groans, “I was snoring wasn’t I?”
Aww, so cute. “Only just a little,” you tease, than sit up realizing just how dangerous where you are is. Dangerous not only to you physically, but mentally, and emotionally as well. Once you’re off the bed you look back to see them rubbing their hair and faces, just like little boys.
“You aren’t going to get in trouble for staying out all night are you? What if someone see’s
you leaving the room? OMG you guys could get into such a scandal, all because of me!”
“Whoa, slow down Jagi,” Namjoon states as he quickly gets up and heads in your direction.
Taehyung was in the process of stretching, but he’s now frozen in place staring at you in confusion. His eyebrow shoots up as he looks between you and RM.
“Our manager knows where we are, remember? We brought you here? It’s all good,” he continues as he starts to rub his hands up and down your arms.
You nod your head, “This is just surreal you know? Nothing like this has ever happened to me; don’t get me wrong, that’s the best I’ve slept in months,” you drop your voice a few decibels, “I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep with you?”
Namjoon barks out a laugh and there is a twinkle in his eye, “Good hearing,” he says as he taps his ears. As you hang your head in embarrassment, Taehyung comes up behind and wraps you in his arms.
“I slept very well too,” he smiles and places a kiss on the top of your head.
“Agreed,” Namjoon states, “but we do need to get going. The deal was we had to be back by breakfast and we have a busy schedule today.” He picks up your schedule from the table, “So do you.”
As you take your schedule from his hands, he reaches over the paper and cups your face in his hands. “We will see you in a couple of hours sweet one.” He taps your forehead, “Stop worrying and start enjoying,” he says as his lips replace his poking finger.
He pulls back with a dimpled grin and you have no idea how you are still standing. Taehyung steps in front of you and leans over to give you a peck on the cheek. Startled, you move and he misses. He pulls back, looks at you, than leans in again, giving you a kiss on the mouth. “Later,” he states as he follows Namjoon out the door.
You stand there in stunned silence for a good ten minutes after they leave. “I’m dreaming, that’s it, it’s all just been a dream,” you start chanting to yourself out loud as you head for the bathroom. Considering the daze you’re in, you walk right into the TV stand and stub your toe. Many beautiful, colorful words spring forth of their own accord, and then you stop; realizing that if it were a dream, your toe wouldn’t be bleeding. You sink to the floor, had you done something good? Is that why you were here and with them? Then you roll your eyes at yourself as your brain answers, well it wasn’t caused by something bad! Shaking your head at the argument you’re having with yourself you drop your head into your lap and just sit there.
Your daze continues through your shower, you get dressed without even looking at what is on the schedule for the day. Your phone beeps with a text from Jimin, “We’ll be there in 10 min!”
Oh! That snaps you out of it a little as you run to the table to grab the schedule and your bag. Glancing down you see, ‘outdoor fan meet and greet’. Outdoor? Seriously? What do they want fansicles? Who does an outdoor meet and greet in the middle of winter in the friggin’ cold! BTS obviously, who knew?! You have just enough time to grab the long johns you purchased yesterday and throw them on under your clothes. Your phone alerts you that Jimin and Ken are now downstairs as you grab an extra hoodie, gloves, your coat and go running out the door.
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egad, that bed though... *sighs* I'm glad I started reading this. I thought it was a Yaoi (boy on boys story) but no, you had to pull at my heartstrings. Gosh I read Jimin's name early on and got over excited but it's my translator/tour guide. I don't even like V like this but you know how to change my mind. NamJoon is bias though. aaaahh!!! my mind went back to that bed scene... life would be heaven if only.
just for record, I'm not into boy on boy, you'll never read that from me.
@GriseldaZenger that's what I figured after reading so many of your other things. I had to come here and check if my assumption was right.
Sandwiched between Joonie an Tae! Hot damn!! lol Sheer bliss *sigh* Just for the record, I'm keeping them both! Nope not choosing, not doing it!!😜