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Byun Baekhyun/ Baekhyun / Bacon Born: May 6, 1992 I just love this guy he is my cute oppa ^^ just I mean look at him
And then I get so jealous of his make up he'd make me look like a potato ㅠㅠ
And then I just *sigh* can I just keep him forever and have him do my makeup? lol
I'll just throw everything I have of him now
behold the Bacon I'll never be able to look at the real the thing same ever again
sorry oppa v.v NO ME GRITES!!!!
lol I just ugh is he still single??? just in case I get to make a move on him..... ehe xD here you go mah peeps was a little late today but I got lazy today XD

Xiumin oppa tomorrow I'd you want to be tagged let me know ^^


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doing Xiumin tomorrow guys let me know if you to be added to the tags list @gabbylu13 @staceyholley @PrettieeEmm @ashleyemmert @sosoaloraine23
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Add me please😁 @MissyKim
2 years ago·Reply
Um yes!@MissyKim I love my squishy and confusingly sexy little minseok!
2 years ago·Reply
He is goddamn HOT!!!! totally in love with him Tag me for xiumins card
2 years ago·Reply