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While I'm at the gym I NEED music. It's what keeps me going. Without it I would just leave and go get a cheeseburger.
Below are a couple of the songs on my gym playlist. These are the ones that get me pumped and keep me on my path to fitness!
This is #1! GD and TAEYANG always get me pumped!
How could I not listen to this one at the gym? the beat screams "hey you should be up and moving right now!"
Up and Down is perfect for the elliptical.... up and down and up and down and up and down.
Somehow I am always on the treadmill running when this comes on....
I do feel dope while pumping iron!
I feel like a total bad ass while working out to this!
Just once I wish I could see this at the gym....
And once I finish I'm always starving.
What do you listen to at the gym?
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@Sunnydaebak haha me too only I haven't started that one yet for me it's MOORIM school 馃槀
@ashleyemmert OMG I LOVE MOORIM SCHOOL! what episode are you on?
@Sunnydaebak I'm actually watching it as we speak and I'm having to marathon a couple episodes because I had a crazy month 馃槀 I'm on 5
@ashleyemmert Lol have fun!
@Sunnydaebak well with shi-woo and chi-ang how could you not? 馃槏馃槏