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Yes, this is a dilemma people.

Hundreds of thousands of college students attend their respective universities across the country. And for most, everyone has to enter the most mediocre living space's called a DORM. *GASP* Yes, you read that correctly. We convince ourselves that spending thousands of dollars to live in a box with broken air conditioners and poorly painted walls is fine. However, the room is never the problem. It's where you have to go to the bathroom to do your makeup, shower in communal spaces (with those ugly shower shoes and caddies), and where you do the #2. For many people, their favorite place in any bathroom is the shower.


BECAUSE YOU CAN SING. No judgement. Your bottle of soap or shower head is the best fake microphone you've ever been given. You can dance like no one's watching. And you have no one telling you that singing High School Musical 'Breaking Free' is socially unacceptable. Singing in the shower is one of the best American pastimes and when someone threatens that space, it's an issue. So where is this a problem? Well, in communal bathrooms most commonly used by college students, singing in the shower is um... awkward. Also known as social suicide. No matter even if everyone on the floor previously had sung in the shower, it's an unwritten rule to restrain yourself.
But here's the thing, should you sing anyway?

YES. And here's why...

1. A song has already been made about this. Dancing AND singing IN THE SHOWER. What a concept.

2. It creates unknown acapella harmony masterpieces with your best friends...or strangers.

3. You're a superstar (even if you don't sound like one).

4. You may meet the love of your life.

5. Singing can welcome personal monologues for the audience in your head.

Happy Shower Singing!
@danidee As of recently, belting out some Adele tunes really are the best when in the shower.
I actually had a few weird shower sing-alongs in college. good times.
Hahaha, niiice. I like your taste.
What do you like singing in the shower, @cullenquigley?
though this was not in college but one of my favorite communal shower moments was when our high school wrestling team broke out in song singing don't stop believing it was pretty epic lol
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