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Tsukiumi is my all time waifu. I love her personality. She is really protective of her ashikabi and calls herself his wife. She gets super jealous when musube gets close to him in any way. Her water related powers are really cool, including her signature move water celebration. Her way of speaking is like older english in the dub. im not sure what her japanese accent is though. She tends to say things like "thou knowest not my true strength". I also love her outfit it is super cool. Not only is she my favorite character in this anime but my all time favorite female character.
Getting jealous are we?
Water Celebration!
Just look at their awkward faces
Thou shall pay
Thinking on the roof
Looking cute
Yu-Gi-Oh sekirei crossover. come on shes at least a 6 star card. 4 stars really?
... Tsukiumi. NOT TSUKMI!
the card effect is kind of OP for a lvl 4
great choice