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"I won't let you die like this!!" You yelled. You cute your hand and place it at his mouth. You watch as your blood drop into his mouth. "Mystery boy I love you please don't leave me and your son." You cried.
You roar out loud that made the ground shake. The blood of your dead ex boyfriend dripped down your face. You looked down at him in your warrior form. "Next you'll think twice about fucking with the man I love." You said punching his head in. You calm down from the blood and realize that mystery boy was lying in front of you. "Oh no Mystery Boy!!" You cried. You held him in your arms as you look at him. He was still a beautiful creature even though he was laying there bloody. "I won't let you die like this!!" You yelled. You bite into your hand and place it at his mouth. You watch as your blood drop into his mouth. "Mystery boy I love you please don't leave me and your son." You cried. The blood tears comes down your face as you cried over his mouth. You couldn't live without the one who you love. You can't live without the one who gave you your first born son. Not realizing it you didn't feel him move. You was to busy crying. He came up and started to lick your face. "My love don't cry, I wouldn't live you if I tried." He said weak. You looked at the wound on his chest. You saw it slowly closing. You realize that your love have been healing this whole time, all he needed was your blood. "Now about you saying I have a son." He said. You smiled and kiss him. You couldn't be any happier. Before you could do anything else your started to feel pain. "AH!!" You scream. "What!? What's wrong?!" Mystery boy said. "I think your son wants yo meet you honey." You said. Before he or you could say anything, your blood water broke. Your watch as so much blood came down your legs. You two looked at each other and realize what was happen. Just like a real guy he start to panic. "Calm down Mystery boy!!" You yelled as your hybrid eyes came out. He shut up fast and carried you. "Where are we going?" He asked. "To my mother house." You said. "Your mother house?" He asked. You nodded your head. "Now fly boy and get me there before he comes out and be born here. and don't worry about you not knowing where my mother say you will feel her." You said.
He flies right to your mother house. The minute he lands. You mother comes out and help you to the house. Your mother is the first blue eyes hybrid. She is different from you. She is cold hearted, she don't give people second changes not even family. Her motto is "Fuck up or die." She don't care who you are she will kill you just so she don't have to deal with you later. The only person that's she even let live was this witch who hex a whole village. Your mother was so mad that she went to kill her but instead end up liking her. She spared her life so she could laugh. "Is she too early to have a child?" Mystery boy said. "Who is this fool?" Your mother ask not looking at him. "I'm the one who got her pregnant." He said. You shake your head to mystery boy and tell hell no you don't say that to my mother. "Little boy I will eat you up and spit you out and then feed you to the hell hounds." She said. Your mother eyes turned a dark red color. "Now she having a baby early is because blue eye hybrid don't be pregnant long." She said. "Mother!! He coming!! He.. He.. Coming!!" You scream. You turned into your hybrid form and start to push. "Everybody move back let her have her baby." Your mother said. "Your not going to help her?" Mystery boy ask. "Nope I love my arms and legs." She said walking away. "What that means?" He asked. Your mother stop and turned and looked at him. "You help her with her labor you die and then your baby will be fatherless." She said sarcastic. "Look boy hybrid females turned into the most deadliest creatures when they are having a baby. All they is thinking about is getting that baby out. If you stupid add decided to help her you will die. She will rip you apart and not remember that she did. Now be a good idiot and let her have her baby." Your mother said walking away. You feel the baby move close to the opening. You began to push as the baby move to your vagina. You feel the head come out and you scream. Then everything came out. All you heard was a cry of a boy hybrid. A hybrid cries sound like somebody is scream if dying. The first thing you do is pull out your beast and start to feed your milky blood to your son. You look at your sound and his greys eyes. You love that you have birth to the first male hybrid.
"Oma come on I want to fly in Oppa back come on!!" Mystery son said. (What ever you name your son and I want to know what you name your son.) You was running after him, you saw your mystery husband. after you had your mystery son your mother made you and him get married and she told your mystery husband. "You dare cheat on my daughter I'll rip your heart out and eat it." She said with her cold bye eyes. You glad you married him, you glad you have him for the rest of your lives. Your mystery husband looked at you and kiss you. "Wow I can't believe he is two already." He said. Before you could say anything else you felt this sharp pain I your stomach and threw up blood. "Huh are you already?" He ask. "Yea it's just the babies making me sick I didn't drink blood to day." You said. yes you just found you are having twins. He rubbed your stomach and kisses it. Hybrid first pregnancy are very short but the second is about 11months long. You and your mystery son get on your husband back and fly away. You laid your head down on his back and smiled. You are the most happiest hybrid ever.
Noooo!! It's over. Well that's was a good story I can't wait for my news ones I will write some. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I Hope that you will keep reading my stories. and also I want to know what would you name your grey eyes hybrid. @@amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @VIPFreaks2NE1 @yaya12 @@ninjamidor @QueenaLee @amobigbang
@DeniseiaGardner read books about killer women. It will help you expand your mind. I read a lot of books.
@DeniseiaGardner Should've had him get close to her and help her out and she won't attack him cuz she knows that's the baby's father. And her squueze the shit out of his hands till every bone brakes. (a vampire don't die from that remember.). And make him regret of having a child lmaooooo
@DeniseiaGardner Damnnn... girl that let's see. ..... Son name: Myst-bluery The mom is what the real world is. A real mother!! Those mothers who love their kids to death and their family. they will protect it with all cost.
well damn lmaoo
I just started and finished this all in one go...thank you for this amazing story
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