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Rules: 1. Comment a song title (titles) that you think accurately describes the person who tagged you. 2. It is valid to comment a song based on the lyrics of a song. 3. Have fun!!!
Okay, so ever since I first joined Vingle I've seen all sorts of different challenges, some kpop related and some non kpop related. I've always wanted to come up with a fun yet creative challenge, so here it is!!! I hope each one of you enjoys it!! I promise to listen to every single one of the songs you comment! Also, feel free to do the challenge on your own, just don't forget to tag me!!! Tagging my friends!!! @Adetoro, @Allyson3333, @AmbieB, @amobigbang, @ARMYStarlight, @BBxGD, @BBxGD, @CeilidhHoadley, @DestinaByrd, @Hayatonamjoon, @JasmineMartinez, @Kyashi, @LaynicornLay, @MadAndrea, @MellisaGarza, @NaughTae, @pandakpotaku, @SaiT, @Sammie99522, @sarahdarwish, @SarahVanDorn, @TaehyungV, @thePinkPrincess, @UnniCakesAli,
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@MsLoyalHeart thank you for making this its an amazing idea 馃榿
@Sammie99522 I hope you enjoy it, and thank you it was kind of hard to make a challenge different from already existing challenges.馃槉
@MsLoyalHeart I bet and I am glad you did. 馃榿
@Sammie99522 feel free to post this on a card of your own, that goes for everyone else too!!!
Oh wait you already did, lol馃槀馃槀