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Bahagia by GAC

I am so addicted. GAC is a pop group from the Philippines with outstanding harmonies and bubbly music. "Bahagia" was a song that I randomly came across thanks to Kurt Hugo Schneider's collaboration with them. Their music is truly addicting and "Bahagia" which translates to "Happy" is true to the name.
The song promotes living a happy life while being grateful with the memories you're able to make. It's a very simplistic music video with a fantastic message. You don't need to understand the words to enjoy this piece but I have included an english translated version of the song just in case you'd like to follow along.
And to be honest, the beginning vocals that sound like Glee always win me over. An english rap also makes this the perfect song for any English speaker to welcome themselves in to the Philippine world of pop. They are just so talented. I hope you like them as much as I do!

And just in case you've become a fan, check out some of their other work!

Wow! They are great. New music:)
They are absolutely fantastic!! They just gained a new fan! 😍😍
Oooh I love discovering new music. I'll have to check these guys out! It seems you had a pretty great connection with it!