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Lilith is the Trinity Seven of the Luxuria Archive and user of Outer Alchemy, and is also a teacher at Royal Biblia Academy. She is the first person to introduce me into the world of magic, she was also my first ally and lover.
Lilith is the most mature and responsible out among the Trinity Seven, often playing the straight man in many situations. As a teacher, she does tend to be strict and formal, believing that working hard to accomplish goals is the best thing to do, this sort of gave her the reputation as an Ice Queen. Despite her strict attitude, she is very kind, compassionate and supportive of the other students and her friends. Often times she tends to watch over the other students and provide them guidance. Feeling a sense of sympathy for my plight she becomes willing to demonstrate her magic for me despite previously stating that magic isn't something to be showed off to others. During battle she becomes more serious and prioritizes the safety of others over her own well being.
Lilith is also rather prudish, and dislikes perverted words or actions. Usually she becomes very embarrassed and uncomfortable whenever anything venereal happens to me and her. As a result, her Thema is Luxuria (Lust) and it's really fun to tease her especially when it comes to her body. However she can get angry if she is pushed to much, chastising and sometimes even violent depending on the situation. Additionally, because of her serious nature she is often shocked and sometimes disheartened by many of her peers nonchalant attitudes, occasionally have to force us to focus. Nevertheless she enjoys being with all of us, she trusts us. However, she was the Tsundere before meeting Yours Truly, according to Levi anyway. Since then she has developed feelings for me, and gets jealous whenever I show interest in other girls (What girl wouldn't want a magic King to herself).
Lilith is a young woman with long red hair that reaches her waist and is normally styled with a single strand of her bangs braided, as well as having her hair pulled back with a clip. She's also known for having a very curvaceous figure. She is also rarely seen without a cute beret on her head, with a few expectations depending on the situation. Despite being a teacher she still does wear the female school uniform but instead of a ribbon she does wear a plaid necktie, a white blouse, black jacket, plaid skirt, Black high thigh socks, and penny loafers.
In her Magus mode, her outfit is a sleeveless white blouse left unturned, a black tie, elbow length gloves, black skirt, and High socks. Her glasses also act a her targeting system for her Buster Mode.
Lilith's Thema is Abies (Life) from the Luxuria Archive and her branch of magic is Outer Alchemy. Using the theory of equivalent exchange as her basis, Lilith's magic ability to transmute materials into different forms of weapons. With this ability she is able to create different types of her weapon of choice, GUNS!!!! The guns she can create can't be used by anyone else, but herself. Reason being that Outer Alchemic requires a significant amount of scientific knowledge, Her genius level Intellect allows her to magic with the understanding and fundamental concepts of her previous researches. There are three stages of her Outer Alchemic. Comprehension, Decomposition, and Reconstruction.
Outside her magic, Lilith is very athletic, She is able to wield a large Anti-Tank rifle with ease. She is an expert marksman with any type of gun including: handguns, bazookas, machine guns, AT rifles, shotguns, and Flareguns. She is a very skilled tactician just like Levi and Leise, she is able to develop a counter attack against her opponents even when she is cornered. During her battle against Akio and Levi at the Magic Tournament Lilith was able to render Levi's Sorceress Mode useless by summoning light crystals to drive the Ninja out of the shadows. It was quite a brilliant move.
Her techniques are - Realize- Using Alchemy to create any type of gun out of thin air (In the picture Above ☝) - Buster Mode- Creates a large Anti-Tank rifle - Bloody Crystal- Summons large amounts of crystals and paired with a flare she can reveal the position of her opponents. - Helmick Buster- Wielding Buster Mode, Lilith fires a blast capable of destroying a city district - Telluric Buster- Lilith summons multiple guns of all types in mid-air and surrounding her opponents, then she fires them all at once (second picture above)
So that's my Third Waifu of my Harem. Lilith is one teacher I would not mind taking private night lessons with. Who knows maybe I'll get to see her in the real world just like I did Levi @InVinsybll @ShinigamiSan @Danse @hikaymm and Everyone else who Follows Harem Madness What do you think?
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