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I just love his facial expression and why is his creeper level so close to Rapmon? lol. So I just want thank all my peeps out there for reading this and encouraging me to continue. Some of you out there need, not to be so honest, you know who you are. *cough Emilie cough*. After I'm done with this fanfic, I will retire for a few days to work hard and play hard at school and resume it once I am not so busy. Just to give you guys a heads up. Love you!!!! Oh at the end of this, there's a special treat for you guys.
I was playing strip basketball with the guys and last thing I remember was me guarding Chanyeol and we both fell.
*****Jinny's POV*****
I groggily open my eyes to find a human circle around me, looking down at me with worried expressions. 'Why am I on the bench? What happened?' I gingerly start to get up, I winced because of the throbbing in the back of my head, which made Kris, immediately try to lay me down. "Stay still, Jinny."
"What happened?" I said looking at him, scared, leaning back onto the bench. He explained that Chanyeol lost his balance and fell on top of you, which made you hit your head and you were out cold. "Oh, that's it?" I sighed from relief thinking like I broke open my head or broke an ankle. He reiterated my words back, "What do you mean 'that's it?' do you have any idea how worried I wa-....I mean, we were? Just seeing you lifeless and limp, scared me...us... we were just about to call the ambulance..." He looks down at his phone and picks it up, "I should call them right now to see if there is any long term damag-" I grabbed his phone, I looked at him, "I'm fine, Kris, this isn't the first time I get a concussion." Jasmine says, "Yep, I think this would be her third time." Kris looks at Jasmine and then me, looking at us like we're crazy. "If you guys don't get it checked out, you could be seriously hurt, Jinny, please?" His eyes pleading with mine. 'I don't even have insurance or money for the bill and I don't want him to pay for me, either.' "Kris, I'm fine, I should go home, lay down and rest." I look around me and I see the guys surrounding Chanyeol; He's so shocked and scared. "Chanyeol!!" I yell. He looks up and nervously fidgets around, until he starts walking to me.
"Jinny, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for it to happen, it was an ..." "accident, I know you didn't do it on purpose." I smile at him and he seems to not be able to accept my forgiveness that easily. I tried sitting up and saw a large shirt falling down from my chest. Kris picked it up and helped me up and made me put the shirt on, since I was only wearing my bra. I look at Chanyeol and Kris and wonder, how did these guys mean so much to me, in this short time span of two days. "Can you guys walk me to my room? I don't think I can walk all by lonesome self."
They quickly came to my sides and linked arms. Julie pouts, I give her a pointed eyebrow and she says, "I can't believe you...you actually think we don't care about you, hmmph." I look at my sister and she shrugs, "Julie, I don't think that you don't care, I know you do, but I don't think you would want to carry my weight all the way to our room, which is almost like 10 minutes away. Do you?" Julie looks at me surprised, "Oh, you're right...Sorry, Jinny." I just nod, "Plus, I think the one person who doesn't seem to care would be my own sister." We all look at her and she just nods, "Yep, don't care...My sister is the terminator, she won't die over something like this. So, I don't need to worry. Love you, sis." I just give her my best bish*face. "Love you too, sissy. Let's go."
****The next morning****
I'm awoken by the sound of a hair dryer in the bathroom and the opening and closing of the bathroom door. 'Why did we share a hotel room? Oh, hey, my head doesn't hurt anymore.' I get up and go to the bathroom to wash up, I grab a pair of jeans and put them on. My sister is getting ready to meet her fiancee, today. "Jinny, Can you finish my hair? I need to get my make up started." I look at her through the mirror and I said, "Umm, let me do your makeup, I'm better at that, then doing your hair. Finish your hair and look for me. I'm gonna grab some breakfast, be back soon." I grab my phone and haul my butt downstairs and start eating, knowing that I won't finish completely. While I stuff my face, I see some celebrities getting breakfast themselves. I think this group is BTS, because of how Suga is laying at the table sleeping instead of eating and Rapmon cleaning up the mess he spilled. I giggled at him and he looks up at me, blushes. I stop stuffing my face, 'What was that? Did he just- Nah.' I get up to throw my trash and my seat bumps into V and he spills his drink on my shirt. 'Thank God, it's not hot coffee.' At this everyone starts laughing, except for sleeping beauty. V is red as a tomato, quickly trying to grab napkins to clean up and dabs some on my shirt. Jin steps in and grabs his wrist and says, "I'm sorry, he still a child. Let me help you."He sends V off to the other boys, they are all pointing and laughing at him. He takes off the shirt he's wearing and hands it to me and he's wearing a black tank top. I bowed and thanked him, my phone rings, Jasmine. I answer, "I'll be right up." About to hang up, "Wait.... can you grab Julie something to eat?" I look at the phone, "Ok, did you want some, too?" Jin is still standing there because I still hadn't put on the shirt. "I'm not going to eat breakfast." "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you have to eat, if you don't, we are not meeting up with him today then." I see Jin nodding his head up and down, 'Is he listening and agreeing to what I'm saying?' "I'll be up there in five." "But-" I hung up. Jin says, smiling, " I think you are right about the important meal of the day being breakfast. My name's Seokjin, but everyone calls me Jin, and you?" I smile back, 'He's cute' "My name is Jinny. Aren't you in a band?" His eyes light up, "Yea, we are still a rookie band, we are called BTS." While I gather some food in a to-go box, he introduces the boys and explains each person's role. "Wow, that's impressive, Mr.Jin; I have to go. I'll see you around." I turn to leave, Jin grabs my arm and says, "Wait, when's your birthday?" I look at his hand, turn my focus on him, suspiciously. "Why?" He lets go of my arm and says, "Sorry, it's because I wanted to know if you were younger than me or not?" I told him it was December 4th, 1992. He gasped in surprise and said we have the same birthday, He was grinning so much. 'LOL, He's just too cute even though his body is banging.' He gave me his number and told me that he will pay for the dry cleaning. I refused but he insisted. 'I'm running late' I agreed for him to pay for it and left.
***At Chic Cafe***
I see my sister slurping her second, Iced Caramel Latte. This is the first time, I see her fretting over how she looks and if she's presentable or cute. I told her at least 4 times that she was. Me, on the other hand, I didn't put much effort because I'm too tired, the jet lag is catching up to me. Before we came here, I stopped in Starbucks and grabbed my usual of a Venti Iced Chai Tea Latte with 8 Shots of Caramel syrup and caramel drizzle inside the cup. What can I say, I'm a sweet girl. I'm halfway with my drink, when I see him enter. He's facing towards me and Jasmine's back is facing him and it looks like he was going to surprise her, so I acted oblivious. 2 seconds later, I hear squeals and giggles. I look up at them, surprised, 'Can't believe Jasmine just squealed and giggled, Who are you and what have you done to my sister?' We spend almost 2 hours talking and I felt that they should spend some time alone, so I told them I'm tired because of the jet lag, and I'm heading back to the hotel. They didn't seem to care, they were so immersed with each other.
***Reaching the hotel****
As I walk in the lobby, I see the BTS gang, hanging around and being goofy. I tried to walk past them, because I didn't want to bother them, but Jin saw me and ran after me. "Jinny, hey, Jinny..." I turn around and smile, he looks like a puppy running after me, LOL. "Hey, Seokjin. What's up?" His face turns from smiley to serious, in one second flat. "I told you to call me Jin or Oppa, if you want. Just wanted to see if you would like to go to a party tonight, you know for the shirt?" I give him a small smile, "Sorry, I don't have anything to wear, plus I have some birthday party to attend to, sorry." He shakes his head and says fine, he'll see me around.
I go up to my room and I find Kris leaning against my door, I was debating whether or not to turn around and run. It was too late, he saw me.
I feel so awkward around him. Since that day, that we kissed and during our basketball game yesterday, I've tried to put some distance between us. It wouldn't be good for either of us to get attached, since I'll be leaving at the end of this week. During the game, he whispered that if he won, he wants me to grant his wish and that I've should have taken off my socks instead of my shirt. It sounded like he was jealous, for some reason, it gave me butterflies in my lower abdomen. I didn't notice that he was at a complete stop in front of me until he lifted my chin to meet his eyes. "Jinny..." His voice sounded desperate and full of emotion, what they were, I couldn't decipher it. I had a blank stare, when he started to lean towards me and my eyes followed his movement and his eyes were staring at me. Before our lips touched, I pulled back and said, "Kris, what made you come by?" I stepped out of his embrace and distanced myself at least an arm's length away. "I ...I...I came by to tell you that Lay's party starts at 8:30pm and it's not formal wear but not casual either." I'm near the door and I lean on it. "I don't think I should go, I have nothing to wear and I didn't buy Lay anything." Kris stands next to me and leans his shoulder on the door frame, facing me. "Lay doesn't care about that, as long as you write him a nice letter, he would be touched that you even remembered at all. And for the outfit, I can send something over for you and your friends." My face showed my displeasure and as I was about to reject his offer, he interjects with, "I already have the dresses en route, so I can't stop them. I won't take 'NO' for an answer and Lay is really excited to have you all at his party." I cross my arms under my chest, making them bigger and higher, Kris's eyes seemed to follow my movement. I was fuming because he had maneuvered me to do what I didn't want to do. I look up to him to give him a piece of my mind and I see his eyes focusing somewhere other than my face. I follow his gaze and I let my arms drop to my sides and stare at Kris's face. His cheeks has a pink tinge and he clears his throat, "I..I've..got to GO! See you, Babe!" with that he goes into the stairwell and I hear rapid footsteps fading away. 'What a perv...hehehe, so cute though.'
I'm falling asleep writing this, so I'll stop here. I was going to leave a very dramatic cliff hanger but my sleep is more important lol.
Here's that special treat I was talking about.
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