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Date? What's A Date?

This is my favorite webcomic right now because it likens the length of your leg hair to the rings of a tree. So much age, so many stories.
Seriously, though, when you meet "The One", they don't care half as much about crap like leg hair as everybody thinks. True story! That's not to say I don't think you should put your best "foot" forward (if you want!) I think it's more about how you feel about yourself, and if he or she is a keeper, they're going to support you no matter what: you feeling good about yourself becomes a priority.
I KNOW THAT FEEL. Wait, that's the collection title. But srsly, my leg hair is so long right now...
@danidee....well. I have no further comment
poor girl! that's a long time and he doesn't look impressed. She won't get a round 2 with that guy
Big turn off......big......huge!
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3 Things That Happen When You Call A Girl A Slut
Slut, whore, hoe; these words have become so engrained in our language that most of us say them without a second thought. But....I think we should take a second and think about what really happens when you whisper the word slut about the girl who just walked by. How it feels when slut is screamed at a stranger in the street. The domino effect such a small word can ignite. Lets talk abut the 3 things that happen when you call a girl a slut. You take away the girls right to own her sexuality The idea of a slut is so stupid. The fact that people still believe you can actually judge a persons self worth by the number of people they slept with is just barbaric. Get with the times. Women have the right to their own bodies and they can sleep with whoever the fuck they want. If you have a problem with that, don't try and sleep with them, I doubt they will be to broken up about it. You force others opinions of her While slut shamming is fucking stupid, people still let the word "slut" influence their opinions of someone. This can actually seriously harm a women's reputation, their relationships, their families reputation, and can even go as far as to stop someone from getting ahead in life. Slut is a very powerful word and can actually oppress the person who is deems "a slut." You perpetuate slut shamming and violence With slut shamming usually comes violence. More harsh words are expressed, bullying, cyber bullying, and depression is just the beginning. Worse, the idea that a slut will sleep with anyone can actually lead to rape and sexual assaults (fucking barbarians.) So please, do us all a favor and get out of the middle ages. Those were fucking awful times where no one even attempted to bathe themselves, so why would you ever continue to believe they were correct about a women's sexuality if they couldn't even figure out decent hygiene? End slut shamming, because who you sleep with is nobodies fucking business.