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This is my favorite webcomic right now because it likens the length of your leg hair to the rings of a tree. So much age, so many stories.
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@AdqAsh Lol it's okay. You can hate hairy legs. <3
Ummm... *blushes* ...Girls...? I have a confession to make. I won't speak for every man, but I can tell you this... You girls' leg hairs are probably softer than any other human hair, other than a baby's... I'm a sensual guy, I guess, because I... *blushes brighter* ...I think it's *HOT*, and here's why... (if a guy can make you sweat all the way down there, then *he knows* he did it right... and so would you...)馃槈 LOL!
(I'm soooo sorry for the TMI, but it's the truth! It's like a natural, "Oh... K... We... *really* should... take a break...." indicator!) 馃槀
All I'm saying is, "Whatever makes you ladies happy" is just fine w/ the guys... (and besides, it feels better than "sandpaper stubble") LOL!
(*runs for cover*)