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This is my favorite webcomic right now because it likens the length of your leg hair to the rings of a tree. So much age, so many stories.
I KNOW THAT FEEL. Wait, that's the collection title. But srsly, my leg hair is so long right now...
Seriously, though, when you meet "The One", they don't care half as much about crap like leg hair as everybody thinks. True story! That's not to say I don't think you should put your best "foot" forward (if you want!) I think it's more about how you feel about yourself, and if he or she is a keeper, they're going to support you no matter what: you feeling good about yourself becomes a priority.
@danidee....well. I have no further comment
poor girl! that's a long time and he doesn't look impressed. She won't get a round 2 with that guy
Big turn off......big......huge!
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