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It was Mark Twain who said it first, but allow me to repeat it: "Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option."
I fully believe in this awesome quote. It encapsulates the exact reason why I think so many couples who are still together need to face facts... and choose to break up.
Breaking up is hard to do. Everybody knows it. But sometimes, it's necessary. More than that: it's a blessing.

If, for example...

you're the one doing all the work that's keeping you together,
you've given your whole heart, and they refuse to give theirs,
you see them as a priority, but they see you as an option,
...then it's time to break things off. Be courageous; this isn't your last love. You have so much to give to both the world and the person who will treat you right. See the love that's all around you, and let that be your motivation to respect yourself enough to walk away.
I've created a new collection called Breaking Up to help all my Vinglers who are going through rough times in their romantic lives. I've clipped it full of helpful resources for when you're in the midst of a breakup, or are trying to get out of the post-breakup rut. I hope some of you find it helpful. <3
Hahahaha @mchlyang count your blessings, dude!! :D No frowny face necessary lol the single life is THE BEST. Mingle and enjoy it ;D I'm sure there are plenty of ladies who want a piece of that!!!
I wish I could follow that collection...but I have no one to break up with right now!!!! :D :(
thx. we would find the right one
@AlloBaber Hahahaah thanks for that. And I do agree! The single life is the best!