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In the eyes of Oreo "less isn't more.. more is more."
Rather then continuing to push the companies signature cut of Oreos, the company has looked to expand into different cookie recipes.
While many have been well received, some Oreo lovers are beginning to complain.
Filled Cupcake Oreos, hot on the heels of the Cinnamon Bun, S’mores and Cotton Candy limited edition runs of late 2015.
If you don’t count creme color variations, there have been 50+ Oreo types in the last five years or so.
One has to wonder: is a new Oreo flavor debuting almost every month too much?

Are they trying too hard to go viral?

Cookie dough Oreos??? @BeannachtOraibh why haven't I heard of this magic?!?
@mchylang I agree, I think they just need to focus on the products that ppl are familiar with. They are throwing out so many options so fast that it's hard to tell what will grow on anyone
This just seems like it's too much.....
I wish they'd keep the good ones. the cookie dough kind were better than the original!
I only saw them for like 2 weeks in November.
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