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At the Super Bowl media day, Cam Newton was asked whether he was the LeBron James of the NFL. His response?

"Why can't LeBron be called the Cam Newton of power forwards?"

Classic Cam. Well, LeBron heard about Cam Newton's response and responded: "I heard that. I'm not a power forward, though". But the reporters were not going to stop. A reporter then asked if he was the Newton of the NBA. And LeBron's response?

"I am the LeBron of the NBA"

But James also commented that he was a big fan of Cam Newton. He praised the potential NFL MVP saying, "He's a rare talent. And obviously his size and speed is just a rarity at that position. And then his height as well, there's not many guys that are 6-foot-5 or over in the NFL -- especially playing the quarterback position. So that's why, combined with his IQ, combined with his speed, his power and combined with the great guys surrounding him, that makes it very tough [to defend him]."
I'm loving the chemistry by these two. They are both so confident and skilled at what they do. Both deserve to be who they are in their respective leagues....but then again, if I had to choose one, I would say...

Cam Newton is the LeBron of the NFL!