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They say, 'a couple that cooks together, stays together'.

Okay, so maybe nobody actually says that, but there's something amazing about a couple cooking together. The connection between two people working amongst one another in hopes of creating a delicious masterpiece in the kitchen is absolutely beautiful. If you're still contemplating the perfect place to grab dessert after your dinner reservations on lovers day, look no further -- the kitchen awaits you.
As much as you love cupcakes from Crumbs and a decadent slice of Junior's, there's nothing quite like spending time in the kitchen mixing [literally] and mingling with your beau. To make this Valentine's Day one to remember and a tasty one at that, keep scrolling and check out the recipe below that will fill both your tummy and heart with lots of love.
[Cupid's Countdown] cc: @AlloBaber @nicolejb

I mean who doesn't love red velvet and brownies?

Looks like this might be an amazing Valentine's Day after all.
Disclaimer: you don't have to be in a relationship to create this tasty treat.
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Haha, yes I'll make some and share @ebethoven I can't guarantee there will be any left once I'm done making them lol
@jordanhamilton lol I trust you will save at lest one bite for me
Of course!!! A bite lol @ebethoven
they look delicious
yesss! it really does @VeronicaHernan