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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 1/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
They were a mess of limbs and heaving breaths before they had even gotten to the room door. Yoongi felt the cool wood of the door brushing against his bare shoulder blades as Areum pressed into him. Stumbling into the room, Yoongi had switched places, Areum in front as they bumping into the bed’s edge, bouncing onto the soft mattress.
His cold hand pulled her hand from his hair, pressing it against her chest, “Take it off.” He hissed, shifting back to walk. Areum scrambled to comply, her unreadable gaze drifting over Yoongi’s unresponsive stare.
“Are you okay?” She asked softly. He had lowered himself back to her, drawing her face towards his.
“I will be.”
While Areum was used to men being rough, Yoongi being so forceful was unexpected. Even Jungkook was more gentle. He had always struck her as the gentle and slow type. His body crushed hers, nails curling into her skin wherever he gripped her, teeth digging into her. He was still damp from the rain and his skin rubbing against hers was painful.
But what had hurt the most was how he had kept his eyes shut, brows furrowed. Was she that repulsive that he couldn’t even look at her? Why was he even bothering? She didn’t volunteer herself to him only for him act like this was forced upon him. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders, purposefully stabbing at the healing bite mark on his shoulder. In response, he tightened his grip on her hip, pressing harder into her. Jaw clenched,
Areum scraped her nails down his back,
“What the fuck is your problem?” She grit out, flinching when Yoongi suddenly jerked against her in pain, biting his lip at the stinging scratches on his back. His eyes snapped open, furious expression locked on Areum,
“You tortured her and I’m here fucking you, what do you think my problem is?” He growled. So it was about her? The same thing happened to Areum with Jungkook. You show up and all of a sudden Areum was the bad one.
Areum was the plague.
Areum was hated.
“You didn’t have to!” She snapped back, slamming her fist against his chest, “Get the hell off me!” She had been through this with Jungkook and she wasn’t about to go through it again. If he was so wrapped up in you, then he might as well chase you down instead of hiding away. What did you have that she didn’t? Yoongi had brought Areum into his group and she had thought that it meant something. She thought he cared for her.
Well, he did. He had kept her alive and never forced her into an assignment that she didn’t agree with for a good reason, but...
She wanted more.
She didn’t want to be looked after. She wanted to be loved. Actually loved; not whatever this was. She thought Yoongi would’ve been the one, but you had stolen him away just like Jungkook.
It wasn’t just you though.
It was every woman other than her. Yoongi, Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok, all of them had been happy with Areum until some other girl tiptoed in.
Then Areum was cut out.
Why was she the one cut out?
Yoongi brushed her fist away shaking his head. “I had to, Jin wouldn’t have let up until I did.” Yoongi had seen the look in Jin’s eyes. Going along with him for now was the best option until Yoongi could come up with a way to rebuild his organization as quickly as possible. He didn’t have time for internal squabbles; everyday you spent in Namjoon’s organization was one day closer to your death.
Or one day closer to when you decided you didn’t need Yoongi anymore.
He shook his head. He really was too caught up in you. Yoongi needed to focus more on taking down Namjoon. Namjoon had destroyed his entire life’s work; he was the one who needed to be handled. Maybe after all of that, if Yoongi still felt something for you, he’d go down that path. But for now, Namjoon was someone who needed to die. You..You would be happy with Jungkook, he concluded solemnly. Even if he was alone, you’d be happy. Yoongi deflated, loosely holding Areum’s wrist in his grip. “..She’s with Jungkook anyway..I have to separate myself from her-”
“Yeah, fucking me in her bedroom is really detaching yourself from her.” She spat at him, motioning to the wall beside them. “She’s been fucking staring at us the whole time!” Yoongi’s head snapped to the wall, his body jerking away from Areum. Your bedroom?
Neatly lined up and taped delicately were photos of you and various people. All smiling back at Yoongi. His eyes darted around the room in a panic, taking everything in. A small white desk was pushed into the corner, books messily stacked atop it. Hanging off the back of the desk chair was a dark gray winter coat that Yoongi remembered you describing to him one night. It was your favorite coat. Photos of you, Jin and your older brother were clutter the dresser.
Pictures of you as an infant, a child, a highschool student, and even college were dispersed around the room. He frantically tried to shake off the sheet that had gotten tangled around his arm. It even smelled like you. Yoongi stared down at Areum in horror.
He really was in your room.
He was in your apartment.
He had met your roommate.
He was having sex with another woman in your bed.
He jumped away from Areum, caught off guard when she gripped his shoulder, pulling him back. “You said you want to separate yourself from her, so get the hell back here and finish, Yoongi.” He could love her, Areum decided. Min Yoongi could love her and you could stay far away with Jungkook. It could happen. He shoved her hand away, falling off the bed completely. Frantically searching for his wet clothes, he lurched from Areum’s searching hands,
“Get the fuck off me!” He gripped his soaked, jeans, struggling to pull them up and keep Areum at bay. He was doing this in your room of all places. He was surrounded by memories of you and he had left you alone to die in Jungkook’s care. How could he have done that? You put yourself in danger for him and he turned around and tried to drown himself in another woman in your room.
Why had he left you all alone?
“I said get off me!” Yoongi yelled at Areum. She grabbed at the hem of his pant legs, pulling it the opposite direction,
“You’re not done, Yoongi! She’s not yours! She’s with Jungkook! You’re with me!”
The shock of what Yoongi had been doing in your home, your room of all places was gone. That lapse where Yoongi was overwhelmed with emotion and guilt quickly faded at the tone of Areum’s voice. What did she just say? Was she claiming him? Did Areum really think that you were going to be with Jungkook forever?
She wasn’t there. She didn’t see how tenderly you at looked at him as you both drifted off to sleep. Areum knew nothing of the way you’d rest your head on his shoulder, softly complaining of how you longed to go for a walk or a run or just breath fresh air. She didn’t know how Yoongi felt when he’d curl around you, relishing in the way you’d relax into him. Areum would never understand the emotion that brewed in Yoongi’s chest at the thought of you and him. She was an idiot in thinking that her commanding tone would force Yoongi into submission. He was the one in charge. He may have been out of it since the destruction of his warehouses and resources and thinking that his two most valued members were dead.
But Yoongi was in charge.
He was the boss.
Areum blanched at the change in his demeanor, quickly moving out of his reach. She had gone too far. Yoongi pulled his pants on properly, securing the button as he stared down at her,
“If you ever talk to me like that again..” He warned slowly, “I’ll-”
“I’m sorry!” She cried out, lowering her gaze, “I-I’m sorry, I-I forgot..I didn’t mean to! Y-”
“Shut up.”
Her voice died down, hands covering his tremblings lips. How stupid could she have been? She wasn’t Hoseok or Jin who had some sort of leverage on Yoongi’s decisions.
She wasn’t you.
She was Areum.
And Areum was always cut out.
“Jeon, stop.” You turned your head from him, sighing when his hand gripped your jaw, turning you back, “Jungkook!” You snapped, “I said stop it!” He raised a brow at you, grinning as he pulled your mouth to his anyway. Planting a firm kiss on you, he pulled away, releasing you.
“You’re so cute.” His eyes excited lingered on the discolored patches on your neck. He didn’t think they’d be so visible, but they were beautiful. “So cute.” He repeated softly. He drew back from you, giving you space on the bed as he sat back and just watched you.
It had been so long since he had laid eyes on you.
“Your hair got longer.” He commented tenderly. Your surprised expression made him chuckle, “I noticed it before, but I was too happy to see you to mention it.” Jungkook’s eyes traveled over your body languidly, “There’s something else different about you.” He began, “But I don’t know what it is..” His head tilted to the side in confusion, “I got you a shower, food, I treated your wound, you have a new flannel…What else do you want?” He asked curiously. Jungkook had gotten you all the basic necessities, but you still sat there like there was something he had failed to provide. He wanted to take care of you. All you had to do was tell him what you wanted.
“I want to go outside.” You murmured, motioning to the walls of his bedroom and the closed door. “Can we go outside for a bit?”
He was suddenly standing up, sliding you off the bed and onto your own two feet. Leaning over he grabbed his pillow, putting it on your arm and haphazardly rolled up his sheets, passing that along as well. You frowned as Jungkook pulled his mattress off the boxspring, hefted it towards the door. “Jagi, get the door,” he asked, smiling softly at you. Stepping around him and his mattress, you opened the door, moving aside so he could walk out.
A smile came to your lips when he bumped the corner of the mattress against the hall wall, stumbling back a few steps. He pretended not to notice, confidently continuing forward but occasionally glancing back to make sure you followed.
Trailing behind Jungkook through various left and right turns, he finally came to a stop by a large metal door. “Open this one too.” He requested, “And head up to the next door.”
You pushed open the door, curiously staring up at the second door at the top of the stairs. “Jeon, where are we going?” Looking back at him for an answer, you only saw mattress and heard his controlled breath. You moved faster, rubbing your sore leg as you tried to climb the steps as fast as possible. The thought, of Jungkook missing a step and falling down the stairs, urging you to move. The second door was pushed open and you realized you both were on the roof.
Jungkook sighed, striding past you to the heater unit across the roof. He dropped the mattress on the ground, drawing you into his side to press a kiss to your cheek once you met him. “We’re outside.” He announced. “Have you ever slept outside?” He felt you shake your head against him, “No?” He echoed,”Well the trick, especially in winter, is sleeping next to heater units..They give off some warmth and you don’t have to worry about putting out a fire.” He nudged you to lay down, “You sleep closest to it and I’ll be next to you. You’ll be warm.” He assured you.
“What about you?”
“I’ve slept in the cold before.” He waved you off, “I’ll be fine.” He kicked off his boots, climbing in beside you and pulled the blankets over you both. Jungkook propped himself up on his elbow, eyes taking you in. “Are you warm?” He checked. “Is this good enough for being outside?”
“Yeah, thank you, Jeon.” You murmured, lifting your eyes up at the stars, “How often do you sleep up here?”
He laid his head down next to yours on his only pillow, “When I first joined..I slept up here all the time.” Jungkook sighed, “Tae used to come up here with me too, but I always told him to go away.” He chuckled, “He creeped me out; he still does..but I’d be dead if Tae didn’t look out for me.” He relented, wrapping his arm around you, “Are you alright? ..I know you’re..sad about what’s happened to you, but, I don’t know..” Jungkook huffed, “I don’t want you to be sad and I’ve done everything I could think of; what am I doing wrong?”
You turned onto your side, gently holding his cold face in your hands, “You’re not doing anything wrong. I’m just..I’m just sad.”
“Well can you stop?” He asked timidly, “For me?” His hand raised to gently hold your wrists, “Do you want to talk about the room?”
“I do.”
Jungkook nodded once, “Tell me.” He urged you. He knew this talk would be coming. He had been preparing himself for it. Jungkook was ready for it to be done and over with so you’d be back to how your were.
So you both could go back to how you were.
“You don’t want to know.” You deadpanned, “It will only make you angry.” Jungkook was the last person who needed to know what happened in that room, but he was the only person you were comfortable with here. So you’d just have to keep all those thoughts and feelings bottled up until Yoongi returned. He had promised to come see you in a few days, but a whole week had gone by and you hadn’t heard from him once. Jungkook softly kissed you,
“I want you to tell me.” He requested, “I want…I want to know how you feel; how you felt in there.” You sighed, mumbling how you really really wanted to be able to tell him. Jungkook pulled you closer, “You can tell me.” He reassured you, “You can tell me anything.”
Sighing heavily, you caved, “In that room…there was only Yoongi and I.” You began, wincing at how sharply his eyes cut away from you and his hand dropped from your wrists, “I cried for you so much, I think Yoongi was about ready to kill himself.” Jungkook nodded softly,
“I heard you.”
“You heard me?”
“All those time you heard someone trying to get in..that was me..” He whispered,
“Namjoon said I could try to save you, but he’d kill you if I spoke to you, so all I could do was try the door and hope it was unlocked.” He pulled the blankets up higher on you both, “I tried everyday to get in. I tried to save you everyday.”
You stared at him quietly. He had been there the whole time. He hadn’t stopped trying. All those time the door woke you from your sleep and you cowered behind Yoongi in fear; thinking it was Taehyung.
It was Jungkook.
“There was only and you.” He murmured, “What does that mean?”
“Nothing.” You cut in, “It..it doesn’t mean anything.” Something felt off. You had every intention of telling Jungkook about what had blossomed between Yoongi and you; hoping that by some sheer force of luck, he would handle it well. But after hearing that he had known where you were and tried night after night to help you, you couldn’t possibly do that to Jungkook.
You couldn’t hurt him.
And you were sadly reminded of what Yoongi had said that last time you admitted you couldn’t hurt Jeon.
‘But you could do it to me?’

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