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YG has finally narrowed the list down to only 2 names - 2NE1 or CL?! What do you think? Who do you anticipate more? I'm kinda torn in between because I want CL's first solo album and 2NE1's comeback at the same time because YG didn't give them enough activities last year. Either way, I will be anticipating!!
@YinofYang Have you seen the latest teaser? Here! IT'S GONNA BE CL FIRST SOLO ALBUM!!! omg I can't wait.
@chasinghappiness That would work out beautifully. My favorite groups are Shinhwa, 2NE1, BigBang, JYJ and Lunafly. Freaking love Busker Busker. I also love Korean hip-hop: Tablo/Epik High, MFBTY, LeeSsang, Dynamic Duo...and on. LOL! How about you?
@YinofYangabout btw who do you like in Kpop?
@YinofYang or maybe they will give CL a solo song in the album? That will work out just fine right!!
I would love to see a CL album, but definitely 2NE1. I've been waiting since last year and I would like new music to now. ;-)