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Jim Harbaugh is great. I love seeing him at press conferences and he definitely knows how to fire up his guys.

Well, it's National Signing Day 2016 and Harbaugh is one of those coaches out there to bring in the best talents from all around the nation to the University of Michigan.
And then he mentions global warming. During an interview he said the following words:

"We've got global warming now. That helps with recruiting."

It is true that the weather up in Michigan gets pretty cold...but does that mean global warming is a factor that potential recruits are considering?

Do you think that is something that recruits consider if they want to play somewhere warmer?

I cannot say for sure that global warming was a factor that defensive tackle, Rashan Gray considered...

but the five-star athlete and number one overall recruit this year announced yesterday that he would commit to the University of Michigan.

There you go Harbaugh. Global warming might have just helped you land the number one recruit in the nation. This is also the first time in seven years that the number one recruit will not be attending an SEC school.
I don't know much about football but during high school I was in the Girl's Tennis Team. We practice during spring and into summer. Play-offs starts in Fall but we were always trained in the heat. During the training season (summer) not much people joined but once we hit fall people wanted to tryout but of course the list is already closed (so we have to tell them no. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair for those who trained in the heat. Anyways, to answer your question. I do think weather play a role.
@cindystran Weather does matter but I'm not sure if global warming's the first thing people think of when choosing which team to play for hahaha