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I hope you guys are enjoying the series!!! ^.^ I'm sad its almost over though...
You opened your eyes to your bright bedroom, wide awake. The curtains were drawn back and were billowing against the wind from the half-opened window. Rays of sunlight were piercing through tiny openings of the partition.
This is weird, you thought. No, there wasn’t anything wrong with the room. Nor was there anything abnormal outside the window. It was the fact that you didn’t wake up to the sound of your annoying alarm clock ringing and screaming for your consciousness in the morning, instead you woke up yourself. But what was weirder was that your boyfriend, Taehyung, wasn’t in the sheets beside you, his spot in the bed was left empty and left unmade.
You rolled yourself over and stared at the red illuminating digits of the alarm clock on your nightstand and read it out loud, 9:37 A.M. I’ve slept in? Why didn’t the alarm go off? Where’s Taehyung?
You got your body out of the cloud-like softness of your pillows, blankets, and sheets and threw on your usual fuzzy, light grey robe Taehyung had gifted you as one of his several Christmas presents he had given you last year. As you loosely tied the strands of your robe together at your waist, you strolled down the long hallway of your second floor and down the stairs to the first, and called out with a slightly raspy morning voice of yours, “Taehyung! I think my alarm didn’t sound. Did you hear it go off? Tae? Taehyung? Baby, where are you-”
You walked into the kitchen and was immediately greeted with a bitter scent of burning food and a giant puff of dark. Smoke. In panic, you rushed over to the nearest window, pulled back the curtains, and busted it open before the smoke alarm would be able to detect it, you did the same thing to every other window in the room.
After you were done, you turned back and within the decreasing smoke you could see your boyfriend standing there staring at something on the kitchen counter. It was when the clouds had entirely flown out the window where you clearly saw him.
Taehyung stood there, still in his pajamas of grey sweats and white tee, only now he had on a slouchy black beanie that covered half of his washed-out orange head of hair and his prescription glasses that he only wears in the mornings. He also had on baking mittens. Wait, baking mittens? What in the world was going on?
“Tae? What are you doing?” You scooted closer. Though it became crystal clear in a matter of seconds, right when you had seemed was his eyes were looking at. Taehyung was standing over a pan of completely burnt, of what seemed to be, cake. His lips parted and though it was quite quiet, it was loud enough for you, standing inches away from him, to clearly hear every word, “I tried surprising you by baking a cake for Valentines Day.”
February 14th commonly known nowadays as Valentine’s Day. A day where people celebrate their love for each other, especially for those people who are in relationships. Every couple would enjoy the day with sweet dates and cute gestures towards each other, like going to a romantic dinner or going to someplace extravagant.
All couples except for you and Taehyung. At the very beginning of your relationship with Taehyung, you both agreed that the holiday was rather unnecessary and that you guys won’t be celebrating it because you two celebrated your love everyday.
He turned his body to face you, eyes glued to the floor, and he continued with the same quiet voice, “I know we agreed on not doing anything for Valentines Day, but I still wanted to do something special for you... I even turned off your alarm so I would have time to prepare and you’d be surprised with a cake. I followed everything in the recipe! I preheated. I measured. I mixed. I timed. I did everything it told me to do and I thought I did them all right. B-But I-” He finally looked up at you and the expression on his face made you gasp.
Taehyung had a face full of disappointment, shame, despond, despair, and droopiness which made your heart sink immediately. But it was when you had observed his face a little longer that you noticed that his eyes were slightly filled with wetness. Tears. And it was indeed tears. Because it rolled down his complexion only seconds after you had noticed it.
“Tae...” Your voice cracked. You had never seen your boyfriend so disappointed and it broke your heart to do so. Even more when you realized it was because he wanted to do something special for nobody other than you.
“I’m s-sorry, Y/N...I-It got-” He stumbled on his words. You didn’t let him finish his words and pulled him in for a hug. And you squeezed him as tight as you could. And Taehyung did as well, hugging not as tight, but tighter. Tears threatened from your eyes, but you couldn’t hold it back anymore and let the droplets land from your face on your boyfriend’s t-shirt.
Taehyung noticed the wetness on his shoulder almost immediately.
He pulled back and said with a voice filled with deep concern, “You’re crying. Are you really upset? I’m so sorry, Y/N I-”
“Tae, it’s perfect,” you smiled wide. And obviously, he was confused.
“But you’re crying! And the cake is burnt!” He whined.
“No, no, no! Trust me, it’s perfect,” You cupped his face with you hand and used your thumb to wipe away the tears on his face as you flashed him an assuring smile. His face relaxed a bit once he saw your mouth curve.
“Then why are you crying?” He mumbled.
“Because you’re the cutest, Tae. And you know I can’t keep my own tears at the sight of yours.” you lightly pinched his cheek and a smile formed at his lips.
“So are these tears of joy?” Taehyung asked.
“They sure are.” You both let out soft chuckles before leaning in for a gentle kiss on the lips and another hug.
“You sure you’re not mad?” He said into the crook of your neck.
“Why on Earth would I be mad, Tae?” You replied as you pulled away from the hug just slightly so you could see his face. His eyes were only a little bit red and puffy, it wasn’t that noticeable, and his rectangle smile were showing off his perfect pearly white row of teeth.
He looked just like a small post-cry child and it was completely and utterly adorable, considering this is a man in his twenties we’re talking about. You laughed out loud at your own thoughts and Taehyung narrowed his brow and pouted at your action.
“Why are you laughing?” He asked.
You shook your head, “It’s nothing.” You looked down to the burnt cake placed in the pan and at the mess on the kitchen counter. The electric mixer set on standby, pots and pan scattered all around, used bowls and spoons stacked on top of each other creating its very own version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa , and puddles of miscellaneous ingredient covered most to the surface.
The place was a disaster and would probably require so much cleaning. You would’ve been mad at him for creating all of this but you just couldn’t. You loved him too much.
“Why a cake anyway?” You wondered out loud. “You were never a big fan of cooking or baking.”
He shrugged. “But you’re a big fan of cakes and cookies so I figured I’d do something extraordinary and out of my nature this time... For my kitten.” he gave you a peck on the cheek and you laughed at you overly cheesy and sweet boyfriend.
At the moment an idea suddenly popped into your brain, it might just make the mess in front of you even worse but you couldn’t care less of it right now, the idea was just too brilliant to ignore.
“This cake is perfect but might be a little crispy for my taste. How about we bake another? Together, this time.” you suggested and Taehyung’s face lit up at the words.
“Really?” He asked with a joyful tone and you nodded in response.
You and Taehyung got to work almost immediately right after, clearing up the mess so there is enough work space for the new project. Once you guys were done, Taehyung pulled up the recipe he used and you both started regathering the ingredients.
“Hey Tae?” You asked as you searched the cupboards. “Where’d you put the flour?”
“Oh! Right here!” He grabbed a container and handed it your way.
You studied it carefully once they were in your hands, your brows narrowed at the clear plastic container, before asking him another question, “Tae…? It this what you used in the other cake?”
“Mhm, why’d you ask?” Taehyung stripped his attention from the recipe on the tablet and tilted his head in confusion at your question. You heard his answer and your eyes widened and jaw hung open right away.
“Tae…” You trailed and bit your lip trying to prevent yourself from bursting out laughing, “This is cornstarch, Kim Taehyung.”


Taehyung was always known to be spontaneous; there was always something he wanted to try, wanted to do, even if it meant embarrassing himself in the process. He was always thinking; always doing but never was it ever a bad thing.
Which is why you were here, thighs clenched with his hand snaked underneath your skirt in the darkness of the movie theater, halfway through a plot line you weren’t sure you understood anymore because Taehyung’s burning stare was so much more enticing.
“Come on baby… open up for me, yeah?” he mewled, his voice dripping honey into your ear as he stroked your upper thigh with his free hand, shifting his position so that his face was just a few inches from you.
You shook your head, blush rushing across your cheeks as you were quick to remind him that this was a public place and you two could be caught at any moment in the most urgently hushed tone you could manage without disturbing anyone around you. In the dim light, you caught the corner of his smirk as he shrugged his shoulders, “They won’t hear, I promise. Trust me?” he pushed again, the darkness of his voice leaving goosebumps up your arms.
Still, you tried to resist him; but that had always proved to be futile. Taehyung leaned down, pressing his nose to the space where your thighs met and darted out his tongue, catching the skin underneath the hem of your skirt as his hand still pushed between your legs, “Kitten...please. I want you.” he tries again, knowing you’d cave after some persuasion; as you did, every time.
Before you could tell him no again, he slid his hand up the back of your shirt so quickly you shuddered from the sudden rush of air coming in; a perfect opportunity for him to shove his hand forward, his thumb landing on your clit as his index finger pressed against the now wet spot of your underwear.
You literally had to bite back the moan trying to erupt from behind your lips as he swirled his thumb, his head raising from its position on your lap to give you a devilish look, his eyes seemingly glinting as he claimed his small victory. “Look how wet you are... And you kept saying no, I wonder.” he murmurs, “Were you lying to me, huh?”
Squeezing your eyes shut and trying to keep yourself silent, you shook your head again, toes curling as he rubbed harder, circles becoming bigger.You swore to god you could hear him chuckle before shifting your panties to the side and sliding the first digit in, “Liar.”
“Tae, please, not here, let’s go home? Plea-” you pleaded, cut off by the harsh intrusion of another two fingers as his other hand squeezed your thigh.
“I don’t think I can make it home baby.. We can be quiet, right?” The audacity behind his words was astounding, and you were once again stumped at just how much of an exhibitionist your boyfriend was. It was true, there weren’t many people watching this particular movie, but you two and your escapades have never really been quiet, so you questioned the idea quite a bit.
Before you could even answer him, he curled his fingers, eliciting a small squeak to escape your lips as he hit that one spot he knew drove you absolutely feral. His other hand was out of your shirt and now over your lips, and you couldn’t contain the urge to take one of his slender fingers into your mouth and bite as he began to finger fuck you harder.
Instinctively, you reached over to his lap, feeling the way his cock was already painfully hard underneath his black jeans. Struggling with his belt, when you finally got to the zipper he was just about ready to burst from the seams and you could feel the air move as his dick sprung out from underneath its fabric prison.
The little bit of light you had from the movie screen was enough light to see him standing proud, ready and pulsing. Your thumb ran over the slit, a low growl being heard in return as Taehyung retrieved his hand. The sudden emptiness made you whine a bit, before he motioned for you to sit on him.
It took you a bit, the rational side of you telling yourself that this was wrong, that this was a public place and it really didn’t take much to get caught and even though you two were some of the only people in here, it didn’t mean that others couldn’t see you. But then you thought about the hunger in Taehyung’s eyes, and everything else just didn’t seem to matter.
He motioned to his now erect member and gave you a teasing smile. "Mind helping me down there?"
You roll your eyes and in the back of your head you know this is wrong but you can't help it when it comes to Taehyung. You drop down from the chair and onto the floor positioning yourself in front of him. He gasps as you grab his member and bites his lip.
You flick a tongue on the head savoring the taste. You continue teasing him like this for a while before he grabs your head and plunges your mouth down his length almost making you gag.
You swallow it whole bobbing your head like a pro sending your boyfriend to Nirvana. You release him from your mouth with a pop. He grabbed your head pulling you up and kissed you, biting your lip in the process, eager to tase himself on your lips. When he finally let your lips go he grabbed you and positioned you over his member. Blushing aside when you finally felt the head of his cock touch the entrance of your clit, something else took over; something animalistic.
Sliding down his length was the easy part; the hard part was keeping the noise to yourselves. You curled your toes, biting your finger while Taehyung pressed his lips onto the junction between your neck and shoulder to keep himself from groaning. “Tight as ever kitten... Just for daddy.”
As Taehyung reaches around you, hooking his fingers into the flesh just above your knees and lifts you, you’re reminded of all those times you rode the rides at the amusement park; the anticipation as you reached the top of the roller coaster or whatever other ride you were on; before he slammed you down, his hips making a dull ‘thwap’ sound against your ass, the fabric of your skirt getting caught between your bodies.
But it didn’t matter at this point. The only thing you could really focus on was keeping your mouth shut as Taehyung cruelly pounded you into oblivion in a place where you couldn’t even utter his name, his teeth now sinking into your neck, his tongue darting out to heal the wounds he was inflicting; a small apology for the sin you two were committing.
“Come for daddy, come on,” Taehyung urged, clearly reaching his limit as his hips moved more and more erratically, trying to find a rhythm but failing, the tip of his member dragging over that freaking spot, causing the knot in your stomach to tighten, your fingernails digging into his arms as he held you steady in his lap.
He pulled out, almost completely, before thrusting his hips so hard into you you swore you saw stars, and that was just enough to push you off the edge, igniting the dynamite resting behind your eyelids and completely and utterly unraveling you. When you finally came back to your senses, he had come down as well, his breath hard and ragged against your back while his arms wrapped around your sides.
“Taehyung!! The movies ending!” were the first words to come out of your lips as you prepared yourself to detach from him. You turned your head to see Taehyung smiling, his cheeks tainted pink and eyes dazed in ecstacy,
“Well.. We could always go for another one.” He replied as you smacked his shoulder.

The Golden Maknae is up next!!!! ^.^

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