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Ladies, and some Gents, we all know how we crave to be pampered, well truth is, if we aren't financially able or no servants (picture the movie "coming to america" fav) to caress every nuck and crany of our bodies or soak in a bath of rose pedals! we're just gonna have to start and impoverished some DIY on royal treatment.
1).Book a suite, choice, Quality Inn and Suites usually worldwide have Large hot tub rooms. Rates are around $125.00 nightly, but do rise for weekend booking. The rooms are also equipped with a plush, worth wild beds. By booking a suite you'll have the hot tub/ Jacuzzi to get a deep spa like soak, and gentle jets to massage your body... Now there's more! 2). Hit up the Dollar Tree. Here you'll find ash mask, eye pads, hair wraps, eye mask, Mani and pedi packs, bath salts, bubble bath, an array of polishes, back massagers, lofas, coral like sponges, prunice stones, even Melotonin, a herbal supplement to help you to relax and maybe even sleep. Don't forget to grab a few candles, some are 2 for 1. To complete, grab a wine glass, you're gonna need it. soooo....EVERYTHING FOR A SPA LIKE TREAT. So to sum it up, purchase those goodies above and make way to your suite... but its another stop to make.. can you guess?????!!!!????
3). Can't be complete without treats to eat and something to sip. Correct? Going to a grocery store is a safe bet, you'll find chocolate, to fresh berries, cheeses and crackers, and a array of wine, I suggest a Moscato, not to sweet, dry or bitter, and no fizz like champagne. Don't want bloat, or it'll make you float while soaking. lol. Bare foot has a great 9% moscato for $8-10 dollars and a little over a liter. That's the bargain kind. I'll bet the bottle will get all drunked up, you'll be to relaxed to realize you're getting tipsy. Now you're ready to flee to your suite.
4). So upon checking in, I advise you ask to see your room, because if its not to your liking, you want one that is, from cleaned to a proper working a/c. This will also allow frustrations behind. Set-up time: get down right comfy. start running your bath. add all soaks and bubble baths, a long way in a jetted tub. plate your goodies out for easy picking, and place by your tub. POP THAT CORK. POUR A FULL GLASS. LOL apply your facial treatments. If you have any polish on, remove it both from hands and nails ( so you'll be ready to clean cuticles and apply polish). *** I suggest taking a quick shower, to open pores, cleanse hair for a blow out or styling later if wanted). find a station on Pandora app, for meditation, you can even search spa'll show up. I'm sure you all get the drift as to setting up the DIY spa day. You can play with the idea however even if you are lucky to have a whirlpool tub in your bathroom but like me, I have to improvise. I hope I triggered a idea for a busy mom, hard worker laborer, or a in need of self TLC.
Hope you enjoyed & will get a chance to enjoy a moment to yourselves
This is an amazing card and an amazing idea! I just stayed overnight in Monterey california and just really like being in hotels! It's just a good way to get away. Love love love this!!!!
YAAASSSSSS. This sounds like just what I need!! I LOVE a good hot soak to relax. And with all the trimmings... wine, face mask, fresh berries, bubbles... what could be better?! :D @marshalledgar you have GOT to do this for yourself. It sounds like exactly the type of treat yo' self relaxation you'd adore :)