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hello my lovely hottest... today I introduce you to my personal bias...

Jang Wooyoung

oh my heart its on overload on this one. ugh... i can't.....*breathes* ... ... *puts self back together* okay back to business... This sexy beast was born on Apirl 30, 1989. He just so happens to be a Taurus and a Snake...oh baby.... gotta keep myself together here... Nicknames: BBIYAK! Wooyoungie, Woowoo, Woo, Youngie, King AngAng..... BBIYAK! GIMME! Born in: Busan, South Korea Blood Type: B Weight: 65 kg / 143.3 Height: 178 cm / 5 feet 10 inches Religion: Buddhism
x.x. ugh I am dying here.... oh boy ... Wooyoung is a very talented musician, and one amazing actor (dream high). He loves dancing and with Junho and Jun.k's help at times he can write and produce his own music be it for the group or him self. Though the junbros are the main composers. He even the cutest one when he pouts and you just gonna love measing with him.
oh someone save me *crawling away* so done i cant my heart ugh x.x This is the last card since there are only 6 members in 2pm. REMEMBER this is a basic introduction and oh woowoo *runs after him* @MelissaGarza @victoria97 @MaeLyn @Nikkitty @drummergirl691 @jiyongixoxo @Helixx @BBXGD @marisamusic @LaurenDimalanta @PrettueeEmm @EliseB @tiffany1922 @Annaharris1989