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Not sure how it's already Wednesday again, but apparently it is and that means it's time for a Scavenger Hunt!


•Every Wednesday I will be posting a new BIGBANG scavenger hunt card.

•Each card will have a list of BIGBANG related items you'll have to search the internet to find.

•Once you've located all the items on the list, make a card with all the required items on it and then tag the Moderator Team on your cards.

•Win bragging rights & prizes.

Bragging Rights:

At the end of each of the first three weeks of the month, the BIGBANG Moderator Team will choose one card at random from the correctly completed entries and crown the creator the winner of that week's scavenger hunt. The winner will have bragging rights as well as their card featured in the BIGBANG community.

That's right, you could win prizes!

Each correctly completed scavenger hunt card will earn you an entry into a Monthly *Prize Drawing.
Some scavenger hunt cards will have **Extra Credit items. Each correctly completed **Extra Credit item will earn you Two (2) entries into the Monthly *Prize Drawing.
All correctly completed scavenger hunt cards will earn you Five (5) entries into the Super Awesome End of the Quarter *Prize Drawing.
*Prizes to be announced
**Extra Credit items do not have to be BIGBANG-related unless specified.


1. Picture of your favorite Official MADE series artwork. Can be album artwork, single/concert promo or poster, etc...
2. Weirdest TOP Instagram post.
3. Picture, video or gif of a BB member playing an instrument.
4. Clip or full episode of BIGBANG TV with English subs.
5. Seungri on a boat.
6. Video/gif -OR- three (3) pictures of Mnet's MPD (pictured above) with any number of BIGBANG members. He doesn't have to be interacting with them, he and BB just need to be visible in chosen image(s).
7. Taeyang fan art.
8. What is Hwangtaeji (sometimes spelled Kwangtaeji)? Please include at least one (1) video or gif with your explanation.
9. What is your favorite thing about Daesung and why? Please include picture/video/gif.
10. Picture of your favorite G-Dragon hairstyle and what you love about it.
11. Picture or video of kids cosplaying as BIGBANG.
12. Tell me something about BIGBANG that I don't know. Include media of some type.
EXTRA CREDIT ITEMS: (each correct item is good for 2 entries into the End of Month prize drawing).
13. What are you eating? Please include picture.
14. What does the image below make me think of? Please include a picture/video or gif with your answer. I will post the REAL answer on the results card.

Guidelines for CORRECTLY submitted Scavenger Hunt Cards:

•The date listed in the title of this card MUST be in the title of YOUR card as well as the words BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt.
ALL scavenger hunt items listed above MUST be on YOUR card (except Extra Credit Items which are optional).
ALL five member of the BIGBANG Community Moderation Team MUST be tagged on YOUR card.
•You MUST publish YOUR card to the BIGBANG Community (you can publish to other communities at your discretion).
•You MUST tag at least two people (other than mods) on YOUR card, whom you think might like to play (their participation is not required).
•In order to be entered into this week's contest/drawing we must receive your completed card no later than 12:01am PST on Monday of the following week. That gives you five (5) days to complete the Scavenger Hunt.
If you have ANY questions at all, please ask in the comments below.
*Picture, video, clips or gif examples used on THIS card DO NOT count if you use them on YOUR card.

The boys are ready to get this party started. Are you?

■■■▶The MASTER List is supposed to be used for the Community Announcements and is strictly for ★Moderation Team Members ONLY★
If you want to be add to the master tag link, please comment on below link↧↧↧
Master Tag List
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@Helixx What do you mean on the 1st one? Do you mean like a fanmade artwork of the MADE album? Or our favorite picture of an official picture of MADE???
@CrookedShadow Official. So promotional posters for singles or videos, teaser art, MADE album or concept art or concert promos, etc... It must be official, released by YG.
@Helixx Hmm alright, thank you for clarifying that for me. And with number 6 does the trophy count since it looks like the dude? And if it doesn't then does he just need to be in the video or does he actually need to be like with them at the same time? Like, does he need to at least be standing next to them or like close by?
@CrookedShadow The trophy does not count. It actually needs to be the guy himself. @BBxGD used a video that had multiple shots of the boys and MPD together. However, if you watch it, you'll see multiple instances where MPD was somewhere in the frame (usually in the background with another idol group)and BB was in the foreground. Either is acceptable. I'm just looking for MPD to be somewhere in the same photo or video frame as members of BB. If you use a video where MPD is a hallway hanging out with BTS and then 57 seconds later we see BB performing on stage, that won't be counted. Does that make sense?
@Helixx Hmmm it makes more sense. I'll check out BBxGD's video and then it'll make more sense, but it's pretty hard to find anything!! But thank you for explaining!