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Okay since I missed yesterday I'm putting that on here as well lol. I will put two fights on here because I can and I want to one is movieverse and the other is just whatever. First I really want to see Deadpool and wolverine go at it in the new Deadpool movie just because I think it'll be awesome and it could make up for that other movie that happened.
And also lol that's right arrows, arrows everywhere. I think this would just be fun to see happen and why not throw Robin Hood in there this is my imagination haha. Though I do think Green Arrow might have this one just because he seems to be more advanced in martial arts so if it came down to hand to hand combat he might take it.
and lastly this might be wierd, but what would happen if all the heroes were color blind. Like think of how wierd looking costumes would become some colors arnt meant to be together and I feel like a pink and brown iron man just wouldn't sit right with me.
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color blind lol
added a picture for color blind lol
Nice!! I prob would not like to see miss matched hero costumes! lol and I'm sure as awesome as Robin Hood is, The Green Arrow could beat him! ;)
Oh my lord I was gonna do this too yesterday but then I messed up the card and was too tired to fix it again so I said SCREW IT I'm not doing it again... I was at work on my break and I'd been having a kinda crap day anyways xD I might do 2, 3 and 4 altogether X...X lawd I'm crazy lol
@RogueLeigh I say go wild lol hell yeah do 'em all at once XD @CalebOrr I really want a colorblind superhero now. Like they gotta go fight the green goblin and all he has to do is stand next to something red XD