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So I know this is gonna sound dumb but I don't want to be wrong either but since the sweater is bts logo from the album it's obviously in Korean but someone said it was Chinese but I know it's Korean I hope.
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@AlenaSegura both are pronounced pretty similarly! I hope that helped 馃槏
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@ashleyemmert thank you I was confused because usually I can tell the difference but this time I couldn't really it really helped a lot. Thank you so much
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Your welcome 馃槃@AlenaSegura
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@ashleyemmert answered perfectly haha but yeah, Korean often uses Chinese characters and calls them "hanja" like how in Japanese they use Chinese characters but call them "kanji: :D So you're right, it is Korean but its also Chinese? Lol??
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@kpopandkimchi lol I feel accomplished 馃槣
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