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Customers Are Suing McDonald’s For $5 Million Over Cheeseless Mozzarella Sticks
Ordering Mozzarella Sticks and getting a batch with no cheese in them is like placing a order for a hamburger and getting just a bun with ketchup on the inside.
The customers who got the bad batch of mozzarella sticks are rightfully upset, but they may have taken their anger too far, as they are suing McDonalds for a HUGE sum of money.
From Eater:
Per Howe’s claim, something like 3.76 percent of the cheese portion of McDonald’s mozzarella sticks is actually starch filler. Federal guidelines reportedly prohibit the use of starch in products that are labeled “mozzarella cheese.” The lawsuit says McDonald’s cut costs by using a filler and therefore had used unfair and fraudulent advertising in claiming the menu item actually contained mozzarella cheese."
It seems like Howe is using legal lingo to hit the company in the pockets. His asking price in the lawsuit: 5 million bucks.
McDonald’s denies that any mischief has been going on in its kitchens. The company is prepared to fight this battle and wants to assure the public that the cheese sticks are 100 percent mozzarella cheese.
I doubt any settlement will be met here. McDonalds better be right on this one, because if they are exposed on this one, it could be a brand diminishing moment for the brand.
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people will sue over anything these days and lawyers will continue to support these idiots c
2 years ago·Reply
Well...I went to the drive thru and got food the other day. I went home and halfway through the burger it started to taste weird, after checking it I realized I was just eating two bottom buns and no meat, just the vegetables. However I don't think that my issue or this issue is worth 5mil
2 years ago·Reply
Since when has McDonald's started serving mozzarella sticks
2 years ago·Reply
@ayannawelch Since like 3-4 weeks ago, as part of their 2-for-$2 menu. The mozzarella sticks are the only choice for me as far as that deal goes (b/c I lurve mozzarella sticks) I've been to McD'$ maybe 3x since launch just to pick up 2 orders
2 years ago·Reply
@Cle1 Oh nice thanks for telling me
2 years ago·Reply