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my first ever I've seen it 6times I really love it DIGIMON
my second which is 200th place compared to digimon(1st place) is pokemon
also Yugioh
those aren't really anime but they are kinda catagorized as it sry for any spelling errors
My first ever real anime is Naruto and now I'm watching shippuden
after is fairy tail gotta love the Bikini contest
Then came Sword Art Online
Seikon no Qwaser
gotta love the souless orphan Ciel in Black Butler
next was Death note
then the spawn himself Blue Exorcist
finally got to Attack on Titan
the Devil is a part timer
Noragami I want a regalia so bad
sorry most of my animes are all the famous ones that's all they have on Netflix but I'm starting to use kissanime and hook computer up to tv so after Shippuden I'll watch some unknown ones and become a real otaku