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My mom used to always say "the most dangerous people are the ones with too much time on their hands."
Long story short, odds are you will do some pretty weird or crazy things if you don't keep yourself busy.
Which leads me to my card on the "Food Surgeon," who does odd surgeries on food items. What does this surgeon have in store for those that click on his YouTube account? The surgeon has removed the familiar peanut butter filling from Reese’s signature offering and provided an Oreo creme transfusion.
That bit where our mad scientist uses a razor blade to cleanly scrape off the creme filling? Pretty odd.
I wonder what made him think that these two items went together? Anyway, for those looking to see the surgery, hit the link on the video above!
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I can't believe I watched the whole process xD the silence killed me a little haha but this looks good though!
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Wow! this is actually pretty cool. It's like a turducken, but with candy.
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This was really odd, but amazing. I bet this also Was pretty good to eat as well lol
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