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ok so I love learning dances. I danced for many years. however explain to me how BTS I NEED U dance is easy?!?! I have tried to get the dance down but I just cant. how many of you tried this dance and got it down or like me having a hard time.
that's what I have issues with I can get everything else but the chorus. in run I can get the chorus part down. @CreeTheOtaku I'll look up the mirror version and give it a try.
@imiebegay14 thank you I'll check it out
well I tried it and it was kind of easy and kind of hard but if you keep practicing I'm sure you will get it 😄
I'm still trying to get it down. Although I have to say that their song we are bulletproof part 2 at the beginning is pretty hard but I'm getting better. I just have a hard time with the chorus part of I need you.
I can't I've tried
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