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Hi guys sorry for the late card but I gotta express my love for Lenalee from D.Gray-man! She is literally the girl I strive to be! I would want to be a mix of Haruhi Fujioka and Lenalee. I really do share many qualities from both of them.
She is just a graceful badass and yet still very sweet and kind. XD
Her past was so cruel and saddening. No should ever go through that and feel so alone and neglected at a young age. But what is so inspiring and undeniably amazing is that she doesnt let her past burden her. She still is so kind and sweet to others and grows into a beautiful woman inside and out.
Man I never ever like to see any tears in her eyes! DX she does not deserve it.. she deserves only the best and true happiness
Whether its short Hair or long hair she is beautiful either way! I literally wish I was her!
Thanks for reading Nakama! (: Comment if you also love Lenalee!