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Okay I know this is going to be a wierd one. so what if deadpool was actually a girl. that had been told she has cancer. her whole family was murdered in front of her. She wants to just give up every thing then gets an offer to become a supper hero. She then finds out that her little brother was turned into a villain. and she has to kill him..... I know it's a really wierd one but I had a conversation about this with my online friend a while ago. Haha
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Yes at total Pam situation! Lol. If you read the Deadpool Corps the female version of Wade, Wanda is crazy but more serious than Wade. It's hilarious having them together 馃槀
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@LAVONYORK lol yes those two are so much fun :D
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@shannonl5 If Deadpool were a woman I think she'd be a lot like Harley Quinn.
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@JimTurpen ooooh I could definitely see that! I do kind of like Deadpool's chronically single thing though so I'd hope it would be the same. Just 100% into everyone and has terrible luck sealing the deal XD
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lady D is th female deadpool
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