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WOW! 13 CHAPTERS! That's the most I've ever written for a fanfic. Technically I have 15 chapters written, but I need to put some distance in between my updates. :/ So what has happened so far? Refresh my memory. And what is your favorite part? What do you want to see in the future? Now I'm getting close to where I'm going to need fillers in my story because of the time line. So if there is an event that you want to happen, just tell me in the comments or message me directly, and if I can squeeze it in I will. Of course, you will be credited in the authors notes to show my appreciation and so ppl know you got to contribute. How awesome is that?!
I feel bad that Kagome hasn't been in my story, but she will have her time in the future. Pun not intended, but well acknowledged. Hah, there I go again. The good ol' Bone Eater's Well.
Something dark is in their midst, though. I wouldn't want to encounter those creepy shadows again. From the sounds of it, life with them doesn't sound much like a life.
And Kangee. He's a peculiar fellow. Can someone please tell me what this bird is up to? What is his deal?
(This isn't Shoumetsu, but I'm using my buddy, Hei, as my representative ) *whispers* He's watching you...
Lol. It's all good! @normabm7
OK. Thank you! @normabm7
You have to tell me what you think of this chapter. And I can't wait for everyone to read the next one.
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